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  1. <beam to beam with another boat in the middle of the night> "No, your dragging. I used an app!"
  2. I think so. And I also think that people who are not ready to buy one today, may be looking a few years out and quite interested.
  3. Yeah, good point. VMG is the key. Just was trying to get a sense of it. I will be on a Lagoon 42 for a few weeks here in February. I will see how hot I can sail her if the opportunity comes up, and report back. We will have one data point to start with. Since we have drifted away from my initial drift, perhaps I can start my very own thread.
  4. Also, for the sake of experimental control, lets ignore boats that come with self tacking jib standard. That is relatively "easy" fix.
  5. It is a good question, that I think others may be interested in. Let's say for the sake of the question that average means a popular production cruising boat. So for monos - Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, etc. And for cats - Lagoon, FP, Leopard, etc. Ignoring for a moment the other factors like blown out sails, overloaded, clean hulls, etc. What would a guess be at the difference in achievable WW angles for the monos vs the cats?
  6. Thanks! I will keep an eye out on all of these. Any newer models in the 400-500K range you would add to the list. I like the Outremers, but they seem to be about double that buget!
  7. Seawind's bill themselves as having great sailing performance. But I suppose they all do. They definitely seem to have less windage.
  8. This may be a thread drift but it caught my eye. After living aboard a Lagoon for a few months, I have recently discovered that my dream cruising boat has a second hull. But I am totally out of my depth and have no idea what to look for in a cat. When I try to look up fast-ish cruising cats, the results are all big, and wildly expensive. The production cats are less than half the cost, but seem built for playing at anchor (like the lagoon). They seem to compensate for their lack of sailing efficiency with big engines and fuel tanks, which is also not ideal. Are there any cats out there in the
  9. Nice. Thanks for sharing. It was really interesting to get some perspective from those on board.
  10. Good eyes. Looks like you need to use the tiller extension to reach the throttle. Seems annoying.
  11. Call it ugly. It is. But it also looks like it would be a lot of fun to bounce around warm water anchorages on the weekends. I like the move to making small weekenders fun. I can get into it.
  12. That opens things up a lot. There are plenty of ways to go with it. I know lots of people who started on a 30-34ft sailboat and did just fine. But in most cases kept that for years, and those boats tend to be harder to sell. If you want to go truly starter boat, as small and simple as you can stand would be best. Something in the 24-25' range for a couple thousand, with just enough cabin to sleep in, a good cooler, and reliable outboard to keep you out of trouble. Use the bathroom and showers on shore, and take you boat out to play every day. Then, when you are ready to dump the boat you will
  13. Does the marina have any facilities - bathroom, showers, ice, etc? That makes quite a difference when you are looking at what kind of starter boat will be enjoyable for you.
  14. I don't think of backing down on the anchor as a test really. I think of it as an easy way to dig in the anchor once I have it in the right position. It will continue to work its way in from there over time as it settles and get more and more secure. The backing down is a quick way to get your position right and give it a head start, so the natural movement of the boat is working the anchor in vs out. Too much torque from the engine too quickly can alter the position of the anchor and be more harmful than helpful. Another thing is you don't want to put too much stress on the windlass. And
  15. Sure does! It is the spot for overpriced boats to sit.
  16. I have chartered an Elan and liked it. Don't remember the model, somewhere in the high 30s range. Slovenia probably isn't known for their sailboats, but as I understand it their specialty is in fiberglass so the hulls are pretty solid. They seem like solid production boats (which I tend to like) and I have my eye on Elans for my next boat. I think the 2005s were before they moved to self tacking jibs, but if not you would need to do a little retrofitting to get rid of that.
  17. I don't think that main is reefed. My guess is the wind is just enough to fill the kite, and he has the main sheeted in and vanged down to look good in the photo and not flappy flappy. If there was any pressure on that main, there would be some amount of heel to the boat, no?
  18. I have taken SAS training as well. I found it valuable, and worth doing. I guess I am not wholly undocumented. Agreed on all points here.
  19. Well, it has a one minute never before seen edit. **eyeroll** It names the episode, and at least it is back from when delos was fun and interesting. Some sad sack will probably pay for it assuming the edit is unblurring the nudie scenes.
  20. From what I have seen, the ASA courses are pretty worthless. Like any association like that, it will depend completely on who the instructor is. It is usually for brand new sailors. I think some Med charter companies will accept it, but that does not make you any more prepared. In my opinion, you spend a lot of money for a piece of paper saying you are fully qualified to do something, rather than focusing on actually teaching you. Kind of the American was with associations. I would recommend spending the time/money doing an easy charter as practice in the BVIs. The moorings will rent to a
  21. Last winter (Jan-March) we were in the USVIs and the ferries were running regularly, even with the BVIs shut off. I doubt they will be the limiting factor. As others have said - it will be testing. Happily, you won't be blazing the trail. Here are the steps according to the moorings: https://www.moorings.com/covid19/travel-restrictions/british-virgin-islands
  22. This is only relating to head smell, but I thought I would pass it along. A couple seasons ago I tackled the head smell problem, and cleaned everything out including the holding tank. It didn't solve it, so I replaced all the sanitation hosing, assuming that was the issue. All of that helped, but the head still smelled pretty bad (not sewage, but the typical urine head smell). Someone explained to me that most heads have decades (my boat is old) of guys missing the toilet, splashing, etc soaked into the hardwood. So I tried using a pet odor treatment made specifically for hardwood floors, and
  23. dang, that is way better. I change my answer: More dollars than (Beneateau) Sense.
  24. Rather a bleak outlook for couples cruising in SE Asia painted hear - with most ending in divorce or death (and 100s of girlfriends coming forward). Or is that only if you cruise on a full keel boat?
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