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  1. these are at least the second youtubers I have seen that bought an old Amel in the wake of delos - as if the boat is the reason for their success
  2. the 305, 325 and 345 as well on the mid-size boats are all Jean Berret. First 305 is my ride. It really is a great racer/cruiser, and the design is fantastic (as long as you are 5'10" or shorter).
  3. Frers designed some of the bigger Firsts of that era, no? Though, in my opinion an argument could be made to include one of the Jean Berret Firsts on this list. I certainly liked one enough to buy one.
  4. this list was fun, and got me clicking around Cruising World. Landed on Best Performance Cruiser (Bene 30.1). And I quote: “It’s a cool boat, a nice little starter boat for a family getting into the sport. At $160,000" Who plops down 160k just getting into the sport haha?
  5. I don't disagree. I liked the channel enough to follow up and see what they were doing. I had unsubscribed along the way since they struck me as being a little arrogant and preachy - I am sure that didn't help the strong reactions down the road. As to 7 million views, I imagine the cute girl helped.
  6. Youtube is not kind to the vloggers who vow to sail around the world, ask for money on patreon, then quit. But boy can they be funny. Dylan, maybe you need to start an abandoned sailing channel thread. Girl with Patreon account never makes it to hot place. Skip the boring video on this one, but enjoy the comments:
  7. I agree. One of the few channels I can relate to, and probably the only I still follow. I said hi to them down in Carriacou and they were really nice people. Also, they have put some real miles under their keel compared to other channels on the same time-line.
  8. Not according to the IRS list of charitable organizations or Guidestar are they on the list of 501(c)(3)s. So thats......shady...
  9. what do you mean by hobby guys? I am not familiar.
  10. this is interesting: https://www.amazon.com/MinnKota-Trolling-Motor-Power-Center/dp/B001PTHKMG?ref_=Oct_TopRatedC_3397951_1&pf_rd_p=263f5fd0-d31c-5a77-8d41-ffa269c30106&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-6&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=3397951&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=FZT5G65QYK9CM56MPW7E&pf_rd_r=FZT5G65QYK9CM56MPW7E&pf_rd_p=263f5fd0-d31c-5a77-8d41-ffa269c30106
  11. yeah, not sure I do either. But even so, going up to 60lbs is not very much more in trolling motor cost.
  12. good point. I will definitely do more pricing. the torqueedo I was looking at was the Travel 503. That has 40 lbs thrust. 40 lb thrust trolling motors seem to go for about $175-225. That is a lot of play for battery, to get up to the $1700 for the Torqueedo 503. I am not sure if there is another measure of power I should be looking at. Efficiency is of course a different thing.
  13. thanks, Pano. This would be similar to our use. Making use of it when it is comfortable ad convenient, rather than plowing through big chop/current/winds. Basically to give us access to the curvy bits of coast that don't have a launch or water taxi service plopped in there (yet).
  14. Thanks, Dylan. Helpful as always. It is great to hear from someone that has had experience with both. My guess was the price of the torqueedo's and ilk was in the battery. While it seems like a convenient package, for our use the cost would be high. Meanwhile a low cost trolling motor opens up lots of battery options. I am sure I can find a lighterweight AGM or Lithium 12 volt that would work, as well as a convenient way to carry it. Seems like a decent way to save $1200, while still getting there (if a little slower). The fishers have been using these for some time, it's not new tech to
  15. good info, thanks. What made you choose the EP carry over the others?
  16. Time for a dumb question (sorry). I am looking for a motor for a very small dinghy, fully inflatable 7.5ft. Just enough to run us to shore and back when we are cruising. Figure with Torqueedo's I would want either the Travel 503 or Travel 1003. So now the question. I like the Torqueedo's in theory, but what is the benefit (in my "horespower" range) of going with a Torqueedo over an electric trolling motor with similar thrust? Is it simply the integrated battery? If so, does that warrant the price jump?
  17. I am sure they feel they have that market locked. I get wanting young people (considering that is what the the 46 y/o divorced men probably want to see anyway). I am not sure why they want the liability of offering to minors though. On an ocean passage no less. Seems like a mess waiting to happen. But maybe that is what they are hoping for to become interesting again?
  18. No need to cough up anything, it will eventually stream for free on Netflix or Prime. Paying for those is a personal problem for whoever owns the account you use.
  19. Tarka is pretty boring, but I did give them a try. His voice puts me to sleep. They cross paths with Rick Moore, and the couple seems much more entertaining in Rick's videos than their own. They seem nice though. The whole thing about him doing it to raise awareness reminds me of the onion article https://local.theonion.com/man-to-sail-around-world-to-decrease-awareness-of-impor-1819573123
  20. I Love how Andy Schell calls his own charter boat company an "expedition yacht crew". That guy's ego is something else if you have ever listened to his podcast.
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