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  1. Here is the link to the rest of the rescue story: https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/2020/01/15/#rescue-green-dragon-off-mexico-part-3 And here is the link to the collision thread: Being honest, I found the latter more entertaining. SA has not been a friend of Green Dragon.
  2. the 305, 325 and 345 as well on the mid-size boats are all Jean Berret. First 305 is my ride. It really is a great racer/cruiser, and the design is fantastic (as long as you are 5'10" or shorter).
  3. Frers designed some of the bigger Firsts of that era, no? Though, in my opinion an argument could be made to include one of the Jean Berret Firsts on this list. I certainly liked one enough to buy one.
  4. this list was fun, and got me clicking around Cruising World. Landed on Best Performance Cruiser (Bene 30.1). And I quote: “It’s a cool boat, a nice little starter boat for a family getting into the sport. At $160,000" Who plops down 160k just getting into the sport haha?
  5. Point taken on the timing, though we have been kicking around the idea of pushing to 5 or 6 months. I suppose I was also considering the Bahamas as part of "the islands". The keys are beautiful too, but I'd prefer to jump offshore earlier and get out of the ICW if possible. The timing and routing are still fungible, so thanks for the thoughts.
  6. Ok, we bought the dinghy as a joint christmas present. Good thing too, because now the day after the stock seems to be out. They only have newer models at $500 more. Now what to power it with? It's a 9' slat floor roll up Zodiac. 2.5 or 3.5 HP? I guess this might be phase one.
  7. Part of the fun the BVIs is not needed to have an itinerary at all. Everything is so close and easy. So go without a fixed itinerary and go with the flow. An idea is to let the kids pick the anchorages each day to keep them engaged and participating. No matter what they pick you can get there in the morning, and the adults will have fun - there is are places to eat and drink everywhere, and it is all beautiful.
  8. I don't disagree. I liked the channel enough to follow up and see what they were doing. I had unsubscribed along the way since they struck me as being a little arrogant and preachy - I am sure that didn't help the strong reactions down the road. As to 7 million views, I imagine the cute girl helped.
  9. Youtube is not kind to the vloggers who vow to sail around the world, ask for money on patreon, then quit. But boy can they be funny. Dylan, maybe you need to start an abandoned sailing channel thread. Girl with Patreon account never makes it to hot place. Skip the boring video on this one, but enjoy the comments:
  10. I agree. One of the few channels I can relate to, and probably the only I still follow. I said hi to them down in Carriacou and they were really nice people. Also, they have put some real miles under their keel compared to other channels on the same time-line.
  11. Right now we are focusing expenses on things we would want on the boat even if we don't go, or will still want on the boat after we return. So that means for now refrigeration is out, unless we decide after some trial we can't live without. Dinghy, however, is in. I have been looking around a bit. I was thinking to wait for the defender sale or something similar, but right now this roll up floor seems like a fair price (with the rebate) that would probably fit our needs. any thoughts?
  12. thanks for this message. I really like the idea of practicing and making changes in cooking now. It makes sense not to think you are going to change your diet overnight. And having decent tasting meals we know how to cook and plan for will be a comfort once shoving off.
  13. it is quickly shifting this way in our minds. my biggest hold-back is work. I like my job, and know that is rare. it is also in a niche industry not very transferable work. my wife will have no trouble finding work. I am working up the nerve to ask for a sabbatical.
  14. to be honest, where we are time is more important than a fair money spend. That takes a DIY dodger out of play realistically. But having one made is not too much of a skin off our back if it will significantly improve the experience. Especially considering how much we should save doing it all in our existent smaller boat. The key, if we are to do this, would be simple small improvements that we could accomplish without much time commitment - and not taking anything on that would hold us back. Just the necessary or the "would be really really nice".
  15. I hate these, and am dreading installing them on our boat - which will spend its time 99% dodger free after returning.
  16. Thanks. Makes sense on the anchor. We have a tiller pilot that worked well last time we used it (at survey), but would probably pick up a spare arm for the "just in case". Lots of testing to do this spring!
  17. Yeah, we are not considering crossing oceans either. Haven't thought too much about routing, but remember researching some time ago that there are some relatively comfortable ways to get down to say the leeward islands without jumping off shore too long. The longest hop for us would probably be from somewhere on the east coast (maybe Wilmington or Charleston) down to The Bahamas (to avoid having to go all the way down through Florida. I think one of the rallies goes that route, though we would be too small to be allowed to participate. Seems you can do that fairly safely in a reliable weather
  18. It looks like dodger and bimini can be pricey. May be the biggest expense. Any ideas on keeping costs down there? I thought about looking at same model boats for sale that include those and making an offer for just that part.
  19. No dinghy. We cruise in the long island sound, and have been able to get away without one. It is likely our first purchase next season.
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