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  1. The fact thought that they bought a busted up Amel is super funny to me for some reason. It had to be an Amel. I feel like they think they will do the same thing as delos, and it will work out the same for them. The result is the shitty high school play version of Delos, and it is cringe-worthy. Who are these patrons?
  2. to all those who have alleged that the patreon beg is a millennial thing, I submit this evidence to the court: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/09/06/gilligans-island-star-dawn-wells-seeking-180k-from-fans-for-financial-debt.html
  3. Delos does all this. They are the only I have seen. The others I have watched couldn't even manage decent sail trim. It irks me, all that time on a boat and they don't take the time to read up on what makes it go. I watched one that said said "the wind was perfect, we were even able to put up the main".
  4. I lost interest when they got the cat as well. Then I figured I was being cantankerous and went and watched a newer episode. It was really very boring. They wanted to go into a cove with a reef, but their chartplotter wasn't working. So they were scared to go in (not sure why really). They called Outremer in France to have them fix the chartplotter. They went in the cove and went swimming. Then again, all the channels seem kind of boring to me these days. I've found I am partial though to the ones with good attitudes trying to give it a go and figure things out on a shoestring.
  5. have to get what they can before the baby pops out and they have to pivot to a mommy vlog
  6. good point. doubt though they are going to live aboard that 22 up on a trailer, so now they'll have to factor in a place to live and rent. shame they didn't abandon comfort and find some work to pay for the jump.
  7. And an odd one. Before doing anything in it and after bothering to replace the teak deck. 90 miles from their dream spot. My guess is there were some issues with it (engine or hull) that strategically didn't make the videos for resale value. Or maybe they just had trouble making the jump, even in front of a studio audience. I would have thought they ran out of cash, but that falmouth will end up costing them the same after all the sunk costs getting it up to speed. even if they do go somewhere interesting, I think I'd feel to badly for the dog watching it stuck in the 22 for anything much
  8. I'm the other way. Nice couple and they worked hard on their HR from what we saw. Made a huge deal about planning a dream cruise to Cuba. I've been following along and enjoyed it. Then they got cold feet, ran out their papers, and sold the boat before learning to trim the sails. The furthest they got was a motor-sail to the dry tortugas. I will tune back in if they end up going somewhere, but buckle in for a lot of footage of airbnb's and talk about minimalism along the way.
  9. I was in the Tobago Cays in December and saw/had to listen to a drone around. I haven't been to the BVIs since 2015, but i imagine they must be buzzing around like flies down there given the ubiquity of these youtube videos. they are probably smacking into each other in the baths.
  10. I think someone said it earlier, but a tracking of marine supplies, sails, services, etc. would give a better indicator of popularity. Tracking the sale of bottom paint would be a closer indicator than new boat sales. For sailboats in particular, dollar sales of sails and running rigging could do it. Those certainly aren't getting more durable.
  11. Doesn't "retail" imply sales of new boats only? If so, that is only a mark of the economic situation of boat manufacturers, not interest in the sport or activity of sailing. Those two don't really correlate. In the boom, there were too many builders building too many boats too well. Supply outpaced demand, then factor in the durability of the product, and there is a glut in the used market. Price goes way down (AKA people buy used for cheap because they can). That's micro. Who buys new boats?
  12. I think this is in part because the channels aren't as interesting to someone with access to the water. They are for the dreamers longing to get out on the water and not sure how to do it. Once you have a boat, or access to a boat, the "sold everything go sailing" story line seems a bit silly. It seems more like poor decision making. You are more interested in diesel maintenance and sail trim and planning your next cruise or charter. And you realize a lot of the youtubers get a lot of things wrong. My own viewership of these channels has gone down exponentially since actually getting into sail
  13. These comments make me laugh. Walk around any yacht club, it was not millennials that stopped sailing, it was genx. That is where the generation gap is. And it was not laziness, it was an aversion to the yachting culture of exclusivity and pretension (same with golf and country clubs). Add to that the arms race of boat costs, length, amenities. Sailing became a rich kid hobby, not a rough and tumble dream of exploring. Millenials aren't lazy, we are cautions. Entering the job market in 2008-2010 will do that to a person. All of a sudden that 100K for a later model 40 something footer doesn't s
  14. I agree. Delos is the real deal, and always a good watch with not much filler. It helps that they are out there doing stuff. A few days ago, I went back and watches some of the older Delos videos. Episodes in the 30s and 40s or so. Kind of made me nostalgic for the old rough and tumble Delos videos where they were gunk-holing and partying in coves in Indonesia. Those had such an awesome feel of young people out there exploring and trying to scrapping make it work. Their excitement is palpable. The videos seemed like an afterthought. Creates a stark contrast with the channels who are out
  15. it does. but this one is actually a dinghy, a row boat, a fishing boat, and a kayak all in one.
  16. https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/boa/d/inflatable-boat/6613548105.html Only $195 for a pool raft with paddles? What a deal.
  17. oh, hello. we have been, um, enjoying your videos? seems in this case you have already checked the box for the standard sailing anarchy greeting...
  18. is the thread drift finally over? we have somehow turned this into "old men without patreons go sailing somewhere cold"
  19. I haven't watched one of these in a while. I generally like the youtube channels for what they are, bur since they went to the big cat this one lost it's appeal. Admittedly, I only watched a few seconds here there, so for me it jumped from self diagnosed broken neck to jumping around the stern fishing. What a roller coaster that must have been for those who could stick it out. My back of the envelope analysis is that when they signed the contract for the big cat, all the drama from things breaking and being rigged back together (which I found endearing) flew out the window. Pretty peopl
  20. I saw an earlier version of this ad a few months ago. Same couple, same budget and request, but it mentioned that they really like late model Bene's and Jeannuae's, and that "bluewater is a must". Guess they have dialed back expectations.
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