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  1. What about a boat like the old mullet skiffs that didn't have the chopper out back, but in the middle? Or any of the designs for handling nets where the prop isn't right out back.
  2. I thought Panbo started covering paint mixers when I first saw it. But for someone who thinks they need aux propulsion that doesn't require physical labor in a dinghy, I think this may be the easiest solution.
  3. I spent way too long on this.
  4. Search Yeggi for a 3d printer file?
  5. I always wanted a Soverel 28 MORC for a daysailer.
  6. Mask wise couldn't we cut up MERV 16 or 17 air filters for effective protection? They are already pleated like in the video. And the filtration comes with some sort of certification.
  7. I'm waiting and saving for the Vesper Cortex that I saw over on Panbo. Looks amazing.
  8. Imagine a ship collecting plastic in the ocean, recycling it to filament for printing its own barges to haul the trash back to land. Or islands collecting the trash washed up and printing fishing boats or whatever else the island needs.
  9. You guys are over thinking this. I just sawzalled the front into a reverse bow, which in addition to making the boat faster, allows me to flip the boat upside in the driveway, put the transom against the ole doublewide and drive the car into the bow. The reverse bow rides up and over the bumper, hood, windshield and right onto the roof racks.
  10. There are a few RL24's in the US, but most of them are pretty worn out by now. They can float in 1 ft or so with the board up. They don't have much ballast though.
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