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  1. I think this is only true of building oils? The teak oil I use does not have this problem at all.
  2. I'm late to the party here, but I'll give it a go since a lot of people are speaking secondhand. Firsthand, I stripped ALL my vanish last year and it was one is the best maintenance decisions I've ever made. You say you've decided against oil, but i would point out - it's an absolutely no-risk trial. If you decide you don't like it, just wait a year, then sand/solvent and vanish right over it. With vanish, OTOH, you're committed: If you ever want to go back, it's hours of sanding to get it to bare. Teak oil - no matter what snake oil version you buy - obviously never gets w
  3. As others have pointed out, and I'll second, a boat can be an avenue for taking tremendous risks. Is it more risky than, say, rock climbing? Moving around on the foredeck under sail, untethered, in anything more serious than moderate wind, sea state, and visibility, is about equivalent to free-soloing 5.4 over a 30 foot drop. It's not hard by any stretch, but if you fuck it up, it's a roll of the dice whether you make it back. So it depends how you define risk. A substance with an ability to kill you quickly is never more than about 6 feet away when you're on a boat - so risk is pres
  4. Yeah this was my impression overall, as well. He did have a decent selection of self tailers in the front office this time. There were the two sixteens, then I think two pairs of the next size up (I didn't register the number b/c Im not in the market for them, but it's the size that is common for sheet winches on boats ~32-34 feet and under - about 6" across the top). He did also have at least one pair of worth-more-than-your-car beasts - the ones that come of actual boats (maybe 9" across the top?) as well as some newer-looking purchase/traveler setups. After looking, one thing I c
  5. Right? Sounds like they've been going hot and heavy straight on through, so when you make it back there ought to be plenty of new bits.
  6. This is, in retrospect, an awesome prediction. Pass the popcorn folks, this is going to be an epic shutdown of monumentally epic proportions.
  7. Finally got a chance to visit a business I'd heard about a few times over the years here in Washington - the Sailboat Wrecking Yard - and thought I would share a basic review, as well as (down below) some half-baked ruminations. The place is exactly what it says in the name. When I showed up to their yard out in Lynden it was pissing rain, and a guy was using a forklift to skid a sloop across the asphalt in front of the shop. Another boat nearby had been cut in half crosswise, right about amidships. I appreciated the scene because I was immediately able to deploy several choice
  8. I already did. Rather than the question of disarmament (on which I think we mostly agree), my claims revolved around the character of your conduct here. To substantiate those claims, I repeatedly cited the primary source - your posts. First you responded by denying my claim and demanding evidence. When I provided evidence, you questioned my characterization of it. When I provided further evidence - evidence which undeniably verified my claim - you stopped replying. Are you saying you want me to cite those sources again? As to anti-intellectualism - you blatantly employ a ba
  9. I'm talking about stuff you literally wrote 10 days ago. On this same thread. Especially given your background, it's amazing just how thoroughly your engagement here exemplifies anti-intellectualism.
  10. The beam I get but WTF with the steel BH tabs?
  11. Ah yes, the noble messenger of peace, AJ. Again pal, you're the one calling people 'reichistas' (lol) and stuff like that. Ironically, given your stated cause, in every case here you have been the one retaliating here, causing things to escalate into name calling (the forum equivalent of MAD). The fact that you appear to be unaware of this - entirely blinded by your own sanctimony - is shocking and, again, makes you look insane and makes your organization look like shit. And don't give me any of that 'i am but a humble member,' bullshit, either - I provided sources disproving exactly that
  12. Although he appears to be working up another head of self-righteous steam, he appears to have toned it down a bit from his pearl-clutching frenzy a la "I denounce you as a coward, you steaming sack of merde! THOU HAST BESMIRCHED THE COURAGE OF THOSE WHO VENTURE OUT UPON THE WINE-DARK SEAS AND I FOR ONE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT, SIR!" If he gets back to calling people Hitler, or otherwise posting more objectively insane shit, I can see it. Until then it's going to be a [shrug] from me, Bob.
  13. The steel beam thing that the guy mentions is apparently a thing with Cals. Apparently they have a galvanized athwartship stiffener under main (mast-supporting) bulkhead. Which, being galvanized, eventually rots and needs to be replaced. Pictures here make it look like a pain - have to disassemble the head, then cut the beam out of it's fiberglass home, havee a new one cut, and then tab it in. But not the end of the world. https://www.sailnet.com/threads/sea-fevers-cal-29-beam-of-death.60328/ Also, by the look of those pictures they also have steel bulkhead tabs, which, >>
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