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  1. Most Americans like to think so, but as we are learning now many of the people in question (black folks) do not. Personally, I'm actually a bit ambivalent about quite a few of the things the protesters are calling for. And I think that the left can be censorious and obnoxiously PC-police-ish in its own fashion. But that fits right in with no movement being perfect - protest is worth entertaining and permitting in its own right, even unruly protest, even if I don't agree completely with it.
  2. I suppose it looks that way to us... but maybe not to a black fellow with a cop's knee on his neck, no?
  3. The most astounding thing to me about all of this - Portland especially, but the broader Floyd/BLM protests in general - is realizing that there's actually a large chunk of the population that sees protests as at least somehow suspicious, and many seem to view it with deep anger/resentment/scorn. Add generally very minor property damage or civil disobedience into the mix - blocking a road or a few acts of graffiti and broken windows - and people go ballistic. Suddenly all protesters are "violent thugs" committing "treason" and on and on. As we've seen on this thread, graffiti on a federal
  4. Lmao the hatch lol I love it when a young builder discovered a material and just makes everything out of it. Live edge lumber? Great! Live edge siding! Live edge trim! Live edge tables! Live edge toilet seat! I was being sarcastic about stainless bring 'perfect' but yeah.
  5. I highly recommended you guys disengage with dog and his pals. First demanding proof, then refusing to acknowledge it when it's provided, is a straightforward tactic of obfuscation, with the ultimate goal of avoiding having to personally change. On a system-wide/societal level, it's a tactic used to gum up the gears of social discourse and civil society in general as a distraction, while in the background rightists move ahead with their agenda of destroying the institutions of civil society. They are obviously wrong. Screamingly wrong. And what they want us to do is scream back.
  6. Stainless can't rust! It's the perfect material!
  7. I mean I remembered vaguely something about him. I came on here for a minute a few years ago (?) and browsed the forums and it seemed like he was in half the threads being an ass... Something about his home-brew design for steelies being the Lord's work or something. But I never really got it at the time. I appreciate the summary (summaries)!
  8. God bless him for trying indeed. Obviously at the bottom end of a steep learning curve, but the fact that he's honest about that, and mentions plans to learn how to sail *before leaving, seems promising. Looks like the boat came potentially a little bit better set-up than your average 3k4ksb, too.
  9. "What I really like is when you're close hauled, just really going for it, you know you should have a reef in but fuck it lets go that's what the keel's for, and then a gust hits and it lays over and you have the opportunity to fall at least ten vertical feet."
  10. For entertainment purposes, is there a place I can find a relatively complete description of what's hosed about Swain's designs? Also fyi, I see on his "Origami Boats" site he is listing his creations as "a Swain 36" and "a Swain 42" and so on. lul.
  11. Also, um, if you don't think physically grabbing someone while visibly armed and dragging them into a van qualifies as assault (the whole 'seizure' thing mentioned in the fourth amendment) I don't what to tell you.
  12. The principle of individuals who represent the state having to identify themselves goes back hundreds of years. It's why the Geneva convention requires soldiers to wear uniforms. It's why the police (with exceptions) have to announce themselves when serving a search warrant. Like the requirement that police give a reason for detaining you if you ask, there's not a specific law like "USC 1.0: police got to say they r police' - but case law has established that search and seizures (infringements on an individual's 4th amendment rights) must be reasonable. There's some leeway there - like w
  13. These Guys: "I'm an independent thinker and a patriot who values individual liberty. The government exists first and foremost to protect the liberty of its citizens, and thus it's first and highest obligation if it must infringe on that liberty, is to announce its reasoning at the earliest possibility, which is why were have things like habeus corpus, requirements to charge within 24 hours, and laws requiring the police to announce themselves and state the reasons for an arrest. Above all else, the state must be kept small in its reach, and any attempt to expand its powers must be questioned b
  14. Always an obnoxious thing to run into someone who's too good for the little man's business. Don't mean to sound like a broken record but shops that do veneering I suspect are pretty used to smaller orders, since a lot of smaller cabinets routinely only use a few sheets for the faces.
  15. Okay, feeling a bit better here
  16. (For the record, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine, and I would probably consider giving what you're describing a try if I were in a serious pinch, albeit wearing gloves and a face shield. My understanding is that broadly speaking the common flammable utility gasses will not burn without oxygen, and oxygen is inherently excluded from the system upstream of the regulator by virtue of the pressure of the gas. Which is what keeps propane from 'burning back up the tube' and 'exploding the tank like a grenade' in every cheap chineseum stove and torch on Amazon. At worst, I think you might get a shitty
  17. So you're saying you didn't bother to look before posting on here hoping to get some attaboys? Noice! Honestly, I empathize with a lot of what you're saying about people's attitudes on forums in general, this one included. The vibe of 'you haven't EARNED THE RIGHT to hold a tiller" is obnoxious and also deeply, richly ironic coming from a group that also does threads a couple times a year wondering why young people aren't attracted to their sport/hobby/whatever the fuck boats are. That said, the dynamic at work here is also one where your defensiveness is playing a big role. You didn
  18. Eh I was really referring to matching pattern, not coloring - ime there's a lot more variation you can get away with it the latter than the former, especially if the pieces have any physical/visual separation. But you're right the color would be harder to match Lmao this is so much better/less labor intensive than what I had suggested. Like, "hey Bob, you know we have this axe, right? You don't have to split that firewood with your teeth..."
  19. Clicked in here worried I might find a bunch of bootlicking. Pleasantly surprised.
  20. Personally if I absolutely had to match it I would just make my own. With a bandsaw and decent planer you could get something like 3/16" strips and just bond them onto a 6mm substrate (sending the stock through the jointer first probably wouldn't hurt either). Would add a couple days onto your project but you could make it look nice as hell. Alternatively just replace all the soles and they automatically match - presto!
  21. I had the head side of the bulkhead I did done up in ribbon-cut Sapelle and it was so cool! A bit loud for doing the front side, but I just love the way it looks varnished up.
  22. I think it's a question of the exit pupil measurement. A 10x magnifier seems good at first glance, but is I guess a fair bit darker than a 7x magnifier at the same aperture. And a ~7 mm exit pupil is viewed as ideal for low light/night, b/c that's the maximum size the human pupil can dialate to, so I guess you're getting light across the whole pupil but not wasting any with an 'oversized' image (the margins of which you wouldn't be able to see. Good article on it here: https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-equipment/a-pupil-primer/ Frankly I'm a bit jealous of those nikon marine one's as
  23. For starters, wow, that is awesome work you are doing. Seconders - any other deets? Is it on a trailer? Any idea what the gross is? I
  24. Veneering is common enough (bog-standard, I think they'd say out your way) in cabinetmaking that there's usually a place or two around that does just custom veneering. I was putting a new main athwartships bulkhead in and found a shop that was able to put any veneer on any core, even a core I supplied myself. It wasn't a retail type store - I had to ask around, then call around a bit more after that, and the place operated out of an industrial park an hour from home, but they were more than happy to help. Come to think of it, that type of shop could probably lam whichever veneer onto your
  25. As an occasional contract photographer I've come to really respect Nikon's build quality, so it was pretty natural to turn to them for Bino's when the time came - they've got a 10x50 set, fully waterproof, with a decent warranty (they won't send it back with a punchcard to get a blowjob like the Steiner or whatever up above but it's still legit) that will set you back all of $150. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001HKIK4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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