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  1. Sounds like it might not have been in evidence when you were trying to dock ;-) (And if it was, good on you indeed)
  2. Also, why not the Tartan 30? If you could find one that had really been babied you might be able to save a bundle -which you could put into hiring out anything extra it needed - and at 30' it's still plenty for a couple, while being that much easier to handle than a 35. Just a thought.
  3. Sir I appreciate your demeanor and tone
  4. Now this is something with the potential to be a great app
  5. Whatever the specifics, I'm guessing the salient fact is that, like becoming a millionaire instagram influencer or an editor at the New York Times or a secret shopper for Gucci, when it comes to the tippy-top race teams there are more applicants than positions, and in reality a significant part of getting through the door is being in the right place at the right time. Or, to put it another way: as far as the plebes are concerned, skills are required to qualify, but I'm guessing quite a bit more is necessary to be selected.
  6. Like I said, fashionable hair, hot girlfriend, yacht club bar, ray gun.
  7. Yes this is much better advice than anything I said earlier, ignore that.
  8. It's ambiguous what you mean by this, and it makes all the difference. If you mean you want to further your 'career' as a sailor - to find more opportunities to race or crew or whatever, more opportunities to run with the big dogs and sail the fanciest boats and pull the fanciest ropes - I'd say you probably don't need to orient your work around this axis to make that happen. That is what I'm pretty sure you meant - you said "I have gathered from my racing experience... that sailing at the highest levels is all about networking. I've recently begun considering working in the
  9. Love the people repeatedly trying to fend vertically oriented bows/corners by flopping around vertically hung fenders, which of course just roll out of the way.
  10. True. Personally though, I feel like customer service is worth as much as the ease of navigating the site sometimes, and I've had good experiences with SeaMar on that. Again, not so much fisheries - both in person and over the phone it seems like a crapshoot whether you get someone helpful or just mind-bendingly slow/unhelpful. Maybe that way everywhere though, and my experience just reflects my luck. On the customer service front it's also worth noting that Defender has definitely won my online business, too, to the point where I won't even look at Amazon or other boat sites. Last time I
  11. Fisheries Supply is fine, but they are pretty expensive unless you have access to an account that does some volume. SeaMar is just across the bridge and often quite a bit cheaper. They sell to the Marine trades, so they have a similarly high 'floor' of quality. But unlike West, and often Fisheries, they don't just sell the most expensive version of everything. For instance with epoxy - I recall Fisheries only carries West Systems and Silver Tip, and they had a pretty limited selection of matt/roving, which they want you to buy in whole sheets/rolls. SeaMar carries silvertip, but also a
  12. It's cool how every comment on this thread you bring round to being an insult at the end. I'm sorry my comments remind you of something the bad people said. However, I think am actually saying something very different from what they said. If you're scared of my dog because it reminds you of the dog that bit you, I can't do much about that.
  13. I hope you were able to differentiate my criticism of the system (or lack thereof in some parts) and my feelings about the way you obviously handle and share your private balls (positive).
  14. As usual, I came off too negative to start, when in fact my feelings are mixed. I think there is a very worthwhile discussion about who should get to have moorings, and how much of a bay moorings should get to take up. Should you get to have six moorings in the same Bay if others are waiting, with your sixth mooring taking up the last spot for a.transiemt anchorer? I think that's a bit much. If you actively use your mooring, and it's not crowding out anchorers (ie, cruisers) I don't really have a problem with it. I do feel like there should probably be a system of permits and ch
  15. Did you get hit in the head on a jibe? I literally self-quoted last time you tried to paint me into this corner, to show you the several places where I said moorings should be legal, anchoring should be legal, etc. And in my most recent post, I was literally describing the precedent for anchoring being allowed. But you keep banging your nuance-proof drum: "he wants to ban moorings! He wants to ban anchoring!" I like a lot of your posts outside of this thread but this is getting tiresome.
  16. Well after all they did pay for it
  17. That's not actually how public lands work. Broadly speaking they are available to all for shared, temporary use, but to none for exclusive long-term use. Have you ever been camping? Have you heard of a national Forest or park? Clearly there are a few types of public lands where camping is not allowed - namely road rights-of-way and local/muni parks. But camping is explicitly allowed (even encouraged) on the vast majority of state and federal land.
  18. Actually what I said was: And: And: Ah, Bainbridge, the nice place. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty good system. I can simultaneously believe the current system (in the PNW) is flawed AND that in abstract, hogging a bay with buoys is a bit contrary to the spirit of public lands AND that in practice, the best idea is probably to improve upon the current system, rather than abolishing it. These beliefs are not mutually exclusive, even though they are in tension. What is so hard to grasp about that?
  19. This seems like a very good idea. Another good one
  20. Lmao that's obviously not what I'm saying but go off, King. If you want to mischaracterize what I'm saying and then ridicule the thing you're pretending I'm saying, that reflects on you not me. I've repeatedly clarified myself here, at length, but you keep on this 'so you want to BAN MOORING BUOYS HAHAHA OH MY GOD DID YOU HEAR THAT HE WANTS TO BAN ANCHORING' thing and cool, I guess. Do your thing.
  21. Obviously there's a balance. I can't say exactly what the perfect solution is, but given that this is an internet forum I sure as hell can complain about the problem ;-) Seriously though, it's not an easy question. But I can say that no, even if it is 'traditional', I don't think it makes sense to allow people to use public space for the long term storage of private property, beyond a certain point. See the earlier analogy about national forests. And I can say that yes, the photo you posted does represent a 'tragedy of the commons' situation. I think we have arrived at the eter
  22. The word is 'entitlement' I think this is pretty close to the 'blue sky' scenario. A well administered buoy/permit system would serve numerous goals and groups, and probably ultimately reduce zombie fleets by limiting the ability of private individuals (of the bum or wealthy variety) to use navigable waters as their personal long-term parking lots. Obviously, though, we're a long way from that being possible, in terms of either political sentiment in general or the capacity of the relevant administrative bodies in particular. Come on. I never said it was a crim
  23. Beat you to it. Actually by almost every metric Seattle is one of the best places to live in the nation. Clean air, beautiful mountains and wild areas that haven't been destroyed by sprawl and unregulated resource extraction, and one of the highest median incomes in the country, thanks to the skilled tech and manufacturing jobs we've attracted seemingly despite the policies you chide. Somehow I even made it to the grocery store today without being menaced by liberal thugs or having my taxes stolen by Obumgler and the DemonRats, nary a mobof antifa in sight. Must have been du
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