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  1. I am really outside my depth here - was just recommending based on what I've heard others say, which is that sludge/debris in fixed fuel tanks is awful. Based on you being chest-deep in the lazarette, I just figured it might be worth considering, especially if you figure the engine to be a piece of life-safety equipment and (as it sounds) this engine is relatively new to you. That said, yes. There are marine fuel tank cleaning services at most major ports, is my impression. There certainly are here in Seattle at the working boathaven, and google shows similar elsewhere. I assume it's some
  2. Thanks? I think? There's definitely a thing that is real that is doing a project once, start-to-finish, and realizing 2/3 of the way through that you've managed to do a just-alright job, and that what will ultimately end up happening, hopefully, is that in a couple of years you'll end up re-doing it and applying the knowledge you gained the first time to do an A++ job. I guess that's the Zen of the whole thing. As to the blower, I believe that's correct, but have no fucking idea what I'm talking about. While you're down there though you should have your tank professionally cleaned or
  3. In Arabic if I said I knew how to law a kedge and you said, "Anna kedge," that would be quite the come-on. Just sayin.
  4. Unmarked or uncharted One's eggregiously yr fault the other less so
  5. One thing I learned in a big way on a couple recent projects: with hose/tubing there's a very real trade-off between durability and ease of installation. I redid my scuppers and used the heaviest-duty wet exhaust rated super-duper-duty metal jacketed marine shit I could find... And stabbed myself in the fucking hand trying to trim it in place, on top of spending a whole afternoon on my back, covered in lube and spit trying to get it onto the fittings. If both ends are well above the waterline I personally would use the softest, easiest to work with stuff you can find. At most, someth
  6. In the pnw it doesn't really freeze hard at sea level, but I can say that I under-insulated the PEX under my tiny house (long story) and it froze a few times over the course of a couple of years without damage/leaks. This squares with what I've heard about it having enough flexibility to expand rather than cracking.
  7. Jesus In all seriousness though, that's why I'm skeptical of the private sector, or any third parties at all in the chain in rescue systems. "Help! I fell overboard and am drowning!" "I'm sorry, your RescueSYS20 requires a software update" "There are sharks! Drowning!" "Your payment method on file has expired, please update by entering a new card number." "They're CIRCLING ME IN THE WATER HERE!" "Thank you for calling Garmin, recently acquired by Amazon. DUE to the Covid-19 health crisis, you may experience longer wait times than normal. For an
  8. Uhhhh that all sounds real compicat e d. I use an old jib sheet tied to a bridle. Or, I do that when I don't have it in the foredeck, which I do for any passage over 5 hours. Quite a few useful pointers here and elsewhere in this thread.
  9. Thanks I guess? For the record, I wasn't being self-deprecating, for your benefit or anyone elses. My vocation I can do well, the rest I can do well enough... ...(especially considering I bet I can lay a kedge to beat the best of them ;-).
  10. I'm going to assume I'm not the Boogeyman you mentioned and instead that I get some of the nice complimenty things ;-) I will say that I sailed for years umder the belief that it wasn't fun until the girls asked a second time if i was *sure* it was supposed to tip like that. Like, rail in the water, stupid sailing. Going out in heavy weather just for the fun of fighting the stick. When I finally mellowed out I was really surprised to realize how much earlier I should have been reefing. Nowadays as often as not I raise with a reef in. Easier to shake one out than tuck one in, as they
  11. I mean honestly I've been sailing off and on for 15 years or so, plus grew up sailing, and I still find this to be my major weak point. My dad, rest his soul, pretty much trimmed with the three sheets and that's it. Maybe I was just too little, but I don't I think I recall him once adjusting the outhaul or even moving the genny blocks on their tracks, let alone fooling with the backstay or the leech tape. I've been backfilling my knowledge from books and it's been great to be able to put words and concepts to all the stuff I had always seen but not completely understood. (All of tha
  12. Yeah, I'm not super interested in hashing that out. I don't entirely agree that rap is essentially American. But I also don't agree, and think it is reductionist and essentialist to say, that it's all the same, that there's no discernible lineage, etc. I like this thread as it was, in the golden days of earlier this week, when it was just videos. I will depart now.
  13. Yeah that's a nice system but I could buy myself the 12v fridge eye'v been eyeing up for the cost of doing my manifold with those. Schedule 80 valves where $2.50 a piece I think and work great! To each their own though - that does look like it's probably a cleaner install. Actually, if I had a bit more to spend on my little project, I think I would have gone piezo-electric. You can get drinking water safe stainless piezo electric valves something like 50 bucks each on Amazon I think. Then instead of a manifold and labels and so on taking up locker space, you can just have a pair of switc
  14. Does ANTIFA actually exist? Do they have super anti-capitalism meetups where they swap stories and barter fur caps with racoons tails for handmade buttons and tickets to the polyamory gender transition meetup? Why do they hate America? The rubes that buy this shit are the same ones that bought the 'look out for terrorists in your neighborhood, citizen!' bullshit after 9/11, too.
  15. Well, yes and no. The asymmetric transformation of the waterline caused by heeling does create a turning moment, but the larger turning moment in most situations is created by the center of effort being displaced aft and leeward, namely resulting from the different and imbalanced force being exerted on/created by the main and jib, but also caused by the balance/imbalance of lift generated by the keel and rudder surfaces*. That's why it's also possible to have a lee helm - even when the boat is heeling somewhat - resulting from the opposite imbalance. *Lift/wetted surface/etc is all basica
  16. Im no engineer either, so congrats, we're the blind debating the blind on the merits of basquiat vs monet. That being said: yes-yes-yes...no, I think we're both right. Yes, The wind is coming from the side, and does exert lateral force on the boat. Yes, the sails do convert that to forward motion. And Yes, the force created by the rudder is also lateral. But... No... I do believe the rudder bleeds off specifically some of the boat's forward energy, considering that the fluid it acts on (or rather, the fluid which acts on it when it's orientation is changed) is fluid it is being dragg
  17. I mean I don't have huge experience with them. Basically I went to SeaMar, handled several types, decided the clear mesh reenforced seemed a better bet than the non-reenforced since I wanted them to stand up to pump vacuum, and went with that. I think plain, no tracer. That said, they were all similar in being significantly more pliable than pex, and accepting cheaper fittings with less effort. I know they've got a bunch of others even beyo d that, like live-well hose and sanitation hose, and some sort of ribbed hose (for extra pumping pleasure?). Like everyone else with a head I used the
  18. That's the thing: I don't disagree. I don't even disagree with that guy's more specific claim that modern Rap is mostly/all linked to American rap and the American (or more accurately capitalist-industrial) cultural context. I don't deny that at all! What I DO deny is that anyone gives a single flying ass about that on this particular thread, or did when it started out as a 'hey look at this' post.
  19. That's funny about the exhaust. I mean honestly I can't dislike PEX too much, considering I used it for both my onboard potable and my house. That said, later experience with Shields potable hose convinced me it's the better product *for boats*. In a nutshell, PEX is too good for boats. It has a level of durability you need and want if you're going to be burying it in a wall for 50 years: penetration protection, freeze resistance, bomb-proof fittings if you use the crimper, not to mention it's basically free compared to copper and doesn't involve open flames. BUT that's mor
  20. A pox from which this fine site, thank God, is completely, 100% free
  21. Wait, 27 was just in his screenname, his boats a 35, as usual I'm an idiot who knows nothing. Point largely stands tho.
  22. May I please nominate this post to be pinned at the top of every single SA sub? And maybe autoposted as the first reply to every third new thread, too, just to keep it top of mind? So far as attitude goes it Hits the nail on the head with Thor's own hammer.
  23. Thou art right, howwe didde aye evar forgeteth that the one thingie that maketh a threadde goode is a fair knight ßtüffing it uppe with his personal tailes of daring ratte handlinge and exclamations of 'prithee paiy attención to mye ëxclusive knowledge of histœry.' Verily, nowe that the good and interestinge rappe videos hath been vanquished and thee threãd is juste him and some other guy telling stœries it is mucheth bettere, surely all will paye heed.
  24. Lmao. I don't care how much you dislike the British, dumping tea in the harbor is W R O N G. If you want to hold a sign denouncing King John as unjust, fine, but the moment you step off the sidewalk and tar-and-feather a tax collector you have crossed a line sir and deserve nothing but tactical special swatspecops because you are doing treason. Don't choke on that boot.
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