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  1. I'm not saying anything except that the tendency to turn lighthearted chop sessions into history lectures is tedious.
  2. Hey hey hey, OP is a very experienced sailor, so the problem definitely does not lie with him, okay pal? I find it a little bit funny that we're all going round and round about this or that extremely complicated solution to an extremely simple problem. I would point out he hasn't even responses to multiple suggestions about/questions about his center of effort, how much heel we're talking about, and whether he's got a reef in. He might just have a tender lady - not uncommon in that length - with a big behind, whose specific needs he is not accommodating. If chappy thinks
  3. Folks, the Rap History Knower has spoken!
  4. If 5200 is the devil's toothpaste PEX is his floss
  5. Finally some fucking sense in here
  6. Where did you find the marelon fittings? I looked on the catalog on their website and they didn't have much, mostly just different sizes of tailpiece.
  7. Sweatted copper is an interesting thought. The rest of what you said might as well be Latin to my Luddite ears.
  8. This. Or, alternatively, feather through the gusts. I still surprise myself with how much speed one can keep during a gust even with a significant gust going.
  9. I guess I hadn't considered this as an actual realistic possibility - it would obviously throw the whole deal off. I should clarify, by the way, that I have only the faintest fucking idea what I'm talking about with all this and really should shut up.
  10. This times 100. Go back to the basics: The rudder is a tool for converting forward force into lateral force, which manifests as force attempting to rotate the vessel about it's center of resistance. The reason you're having to input a bunch of rotational force into the system in *one direction* (to leeward) is because something *else* is inputting rotational force in *the opposite direction*. Could be sail balance (my bet) or the waterline itself if it mainly worsens when heeling, or something else. I'm not a good enough sailor to say much more than that, but I bet you
  11. look let's just keep this civil and focus on the real topic at hand: the importance of laying a kedge
  12. I mean, I can't help that you decided to make your home in the forgotten wasteland that is the entire rest of the country besides the Puget Sound region. Good day.
  13. Okay so I see you have the "removal" part covered, now what about "prepping for sale"? Also I'm guessing there's not quite the market for used luxury junk as there is for used good/decent junk. Luxury buyers buy new junk, methinks.
  14. ??? https://www.seamar.com/products/589/Bruce-Style-Anchors/
  15. Looks great. I have to say I always admire people who worked their way into sailing by force of their own interest in it. I grew up doing it, and I'm not sure I ever would have started otherwise - the learning curve (and the spending curve) is so steep! So, extra kudos to you - even though it might lack standing headroom, the only limit to how far you can go in that thing is how far you can convince your wife* to go in that thing! (I'm loath to be the one who starts in with the suggestions but if you are going to do much anchoring you might really consider getting a more modern bow anchor
  16. I mean, sure. You've got some history you're tracing out here and I'm not addressing the accuracy of it one way or the other - Maybe it does go back to Dolomite. Maybe all true rappers actually can be traced back to Howlin Wolf, or Charlie Chaplin for that matter. What I'm lmao'ing at is the fact that in the midst of an otherwise mellow thread you pop up proposing some kind of criteria for what 'real rap' is, and trying to claim rap music as intrinsically American. It reminds me of a joke - how many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb? "It's a really obscure number, you probabl
  17. lmaaaaaaaoo "all rap goes back to tupac, rap is therefore a permanently, intrinsically american domain, and ne1 trying 2 imitate is just like copying monet, I have a galaxy brain" --> take of the century @Marinatrix447 and @Shortforbob definitely will be listening while I work to a few of these weird foreigners you've posted
  18. Ooh I'd heard as was a no-no though. I had wondered about it -cockpit scupper sees a lot of water movement, dries out sometimes, so theoretically gets oxygen, won't crevice corrode - but I've heard people say it's bad to use at/below the waterline
  19. Hey I didn't realize you were in Seattle. Get thee down to Ballard Industrial - they've got almost everything McMaster does as far as pipe fittings, and if they don't they can get it in at most two days w/no shipping charge. And they don't mind spending a few minutes figuring out exactly which part is best, either. Plus they are cheaper than either fishermans or even seamar (seamar guy told me they actually buy all their fittings stock from Ballard Industrial lol). They were the ones who set me up with the tees/valves/barbs for my potable water. They had it all in schedule 80, odd
  20. Eh, I'm probably just bring a cheapskate baby and should just pony up for the bronze and fabricate some sort of adjacent support member while I'm at it
  21. Haha my main tank is 20 gallons and I was extremely stoked that with a pair of cans I could about double that. Gets us seven days between fillups if we're careful, but as importantly it lets us top up just by bringing a can or two ashore from anchor at a state park, rather than having to dick around with Mordor I mean "Marinas". You boys are playing in a different ballpark from me over here.
  22. Errr, *jerricans. I don't fill my tank with anything from Jerry lol.
  23. That's nice and clean. Rather than tanks, I just installed a filler tube so I can refill my main tank from Jerry came. So my manifold is a little weirder - it lets you select both source and output. I didn't really have space to have it 'on display' anywhere, so I just buried it in a void in the galley cabinet, though, so it's neither as accessible or as pretty as yours.
  24. Sorry to get defensive by the way.
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