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  1. Too right old chap Having grazed upon astro's 'posts' in the pasture of a fine thread, the man of even average intelligence will bend his legs ever so slightly, to plop a plum patty 'pon the ground: a seed within will sprout a stem, which will in turn unfold a leaf, and as varried as may be the cheeks from which it issued forth, it's veiny striations will scribe the same message, the response of every man and beast immemorial and forevermore to have sampled such delights: lol.
  2. Right. Also worth noting though that a suit doesn't mean 'evil prick' automatically. It's more of a placeholder - reserving the right to take it to the courts if private settlement is unsuccessful. May go nowhere.
  3. And furthermore, it's even less money when viewed as a marginal cost, which is how the money men tend to think. The ordinary monthly cost of owning that thing was probably several thousand dollars (Euros, pesos, lira, baht, kroners, whatever). So the marginal cost of storage - maybe a few grand more than they would have otherwise spent - likely is even less of a care. Heck, compared to the amount the billionaire owner's accountants had budgeted to pay to fly the crew to the race, house them, pay their salaries, buy flowers and champagne and have a man standing by for a photo and helicopte
  4. This is just my stupid uninformed opinion but The minute the phone rang at the insurer's office they knew that putting it into the 'loss' column would cost seven figures, and they put the lawyers to work (at hundreds an hour, each) figuring out how to get as much of that as possible into the other guy's column. Ten large for a month of storage is a drop in that bucket for any party involved in the incident, from the owner to the shipper to the insurer(s). When you're talking multimillion-dollar assets, whether it's real estate or boats or fucking collectible watches, someone (u
  5. The criticisms of these beauties earns a hearty 'l.m.a.o.' It's like a handful of teenagers on the side of the road in a broke-down Pontiac Aztek offering their opinions on a 959 as it zips by. "Look at those silly round headlights, what a loser!"
  6. This is humorous. Like I said, I think where people find the balance is the interesting part. Especially among inshore sailors, I think a lot of people just throw the risk management baby out with the bathwater.
  7. @Marinatrix447 what an awesome contribution - thank you. Have you got part 2? Also, Jesus, that cliffhanger
  8. I mentioned it in passing, as a tiny part of an obviously jokey post. You're the one who started picking the bone - it's poor form to get pissy because I fired back. Yeah this is right along with "but the autobahn!". Kinetic energy increases with the square of speed, and stopping distance isn't linear either - 55 is markedly safer than 75. This is all very well documented. Frankly, I mentioned camping basically as a troll - I mean, sure, I may have done it a time or two out of pure spite - but your insane reaction really proves my point about the way speeders view the world and pe
  9. ^this If your lawyer immediately suggests a thirty-hour retainer and a lien on your house, you might consider.... getting a different lawyer. If your lawyer is gentle in the way he ravages you, a standard contract ought only take an hour or so. On a couple of recent items (a lease and a release of claims) my lawyer even just looked over what I had written up, made a couple of tweaks, and billed me half an hour.
  10. The old Distract-Attack-Repeat, eh? The numbers are consistent over time, as evident in the other study I cited, from 2017, but fine - I can see that what's important to you is maintaining your own personal narrative. Personally, I can admit my actions aren't perfect. But there's also a reason you don't see PSA's everyday saying 'occasional left-lane camping kills.' Anyway, have fun making threads about how the kids don't do video right and then monitoring it 24/7. Car culture can't die soon enough.
  11. I edited my posts as I went for length and simplicity, each before you replied, but whatever. I was referring to driving the same speed as traffic, in the left lane, and briefly enjoying the sensation of blocking someone trying to drive *faster* than everyone else. But again, whatever. If you care about actual data, you can read NHTSA's cause analysis of 6,900 case study crashes (both fatal and non-fatal) : speed or aggressive driving was the root cause of 1-in-7. Your claim that alcohol is to blame for most of those is easily debunked: an NHTSA sample showed intoxicated s
  12. The ticket I deserve? For driving the speed limit? Are you under the impression that speeding is legal (or safe) in the left lane, because you're "passing"? It's cool. I know endangering everyone around them makes the zippy boys feel like race car drivers or fighter pilots. Also, you won't be passing on the right if I'm next to, say, a semi.
  13. Who said anything about moving at less than the speed of traffic? The fact is speed kills, and speeders kill, but they're too wrapped up in how it makes them *feel* to consider the impact of their actions on others. Instead, they're chasing their own satisfaction while putting everyone around them at risk - the epitome of selfish rot. If that doesn't apply to you, don't be offended.
  14. That's a clever strategy, but it assumes the right lane is open.
  15. Guys who think the roads are their personal racecourses always think they have special skills and reflexes that make it safe for them to drive the way they do. Until they wipe out a family of four, or mow down a kid on a bike. When I see zippy shits in my mirror I camp in that left lane with the gusto of a viking cracking a soup bone and drinking the marrow.
  16. Your male pieces must have been a touch small. Or mine a touch big (heh heh).
  17. Again with the fitting it though. Just about found Christ last time, it was that tight.
  18. How about a 10-second clip of the grampa from the simpsons raising a fist from his walker to shake it at the sky? Or a tenner of me, clicking onto google and looking up "shouting into the wind"? The world sucks everything's shit and people are awful*, welcome to 2020. *no one knows how to drive Trump's president the planet's literally dieing my generation can't even afford to have kids the right has basically embraced open fascism and the American left party's prescription for it is a liberatory movement fed through the verbal fart-machine of a corporate HR department set to "
  19. Learn to lay a kedge and hang the rest of it.
  20. Welp this appears to have petered so I'll say thanks to all (except zitsky maybe lol) for your thoughtful input. Learned a thing or two! I especially like @blunted's idea of a tie-breaker vote from the invisible 'prudent sailor' - very clever. And @zonker's idea of discussing bail out harbors/points in advance is interesting, too - seems like a good way to empower the crew - ie, "well, where would you like to go?"
  21. Welp this appears to have petered so I'll say thanks to all (except zitsky maybe lol) for your thoughtful input. Learned a thing or two!
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