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  1. Blow hole on Anastasia Island was pretty neat, and had good waves for tha area, only 1.5 hours from Gainesville. Can't drive on the beach anymore now though. Matanzas Inlet area is a great beach, and also good waves at times. About 2 hours away. Some of the springs nearby have nice "beaches" also. There are crappier places than Gainesville.
  2. When I lived aboard for 12 years, banging halyards and pumping masts were my "white noise" machine. They put me right to sleep. Now it is my dog snoring.
  3. There have been more than a few congress"persons" pushing the idea.
  4. Your source says 3 way tie for 5th, so at 3/5ths, we are a little bit more gooder :-)
  5. My mother...tried to get her to quit for 40 years. She finally did, but too late.
  6. Clay County Sheriff’s Office loses deputy to COVID-19 (msn.com) August. Is that far enough into the availability of vaccines to qualify? Several other police in the area have also passed recently. His death should be mourned, but it should also be used to educate people on how serious this is.
  7. It was Clay County. I am sure he was considered a patriotic freedom fighter that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I think there was a gofundme of course.
  8. He died recently, within the last two months at the latest. I will try to dig up an article.
  9. nah, that is the perfect number of bicycles you need
  10. We have had a few die of Covid in the area. Clay county gave their unvaxed covid death offiicer a big ass parade as a hero.
  11. Just score the second leg as its own race?
  12. Well, all the idiots in his district that will re-elect him.
  13. Well, Trump did warn us the low volume toilets don't work.
  14. Looks like they are following cost control measures similar to the Mini Series boats. Are carbon rigs coming down in cost comparable to aluminum? Honest question, I have no idea, I sail a 35 year old boat.
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