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  1. bridhb

    Texas is lifting restrictions

    Unfortunately "states rights" don't apply to handling a global pandemic. When a locked down (as far as I know, no state is locked down) state can block anyone else from crossing their borders and entering, then maybe you would see a bigger difference in results.
  2. bridhb

    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    Next bike might be one of these when they start coming up used:
  3. bridhb

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Nah, recently they are too busy getting elected to congress.
  4. bridhb

    Abbot Won’t Stand For Mask Ruies

    He is way behind our Ron DeSantis
  5. bridhb

    Obligatory Girl

    I don't know...a lot of the boats I see photos of with a lot of bananas on board have the good luck to be in the tropics.
  6. bridhb

    Can you imagine trying to turn America Metric?

    Fake news says the next big dem initiative, after the covid stimulus, will be "infrastructure week" again. By the time that gets through or killed it will be mid terms and things might change. Hopefully they change in the direction that gives the dems more power and we can actually make meaningful health care system reforms in the two years after the mid terms.
  7. And our Trump Minime, DeSantis, came in second.
  8. bridhb

    Kashoggi report

    Heard something on NPR (I think it was) that the decision to keep selling weapons to KSA has to do with keeping China from filling that void. Sounds like we use that excuse in a lot of places.
  9. bridhb

    Can you imagine trying to turn America Metric?

    "American" cars already have a nice mix of metric and SAE fasteners. Makes working on them interesting.
  10. bridhb

    CPAC embraces Nazi imagery

    Yeah, like the one that there was sufficient election fraud to "steal" the election as was promoted by your favorite (yes, I know Trump may not be your "favorite" president, but you sure do defend him and his BS excuse for policies) president, which then led to an open terrorist attack on congress, by Americans, again promoted by your favorite president. I am really sick of people that support the current republican party. There are only two parties, wish there were more, but that is reality. You have to chose one or the other, or be on the, somehow "reasonable" fringe that may or may not get traction someday . Do you support the stuff that is going on at CPAC?
  11. bridhb

    CPAC embraces Nazi imagery

    Rightside up to the speakers walking out.
  12. How is this fuckwit the keynote speaker at CPAC and still able to freely golf everyday? There is something seriously wrong with a little less than half the country.
  13. bridhb

    Last IOR boat built

    I thought IMS was supposed to promote "normal" boats?
  14. bridhb

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    WTF is wrong with people?
  15. bridhb

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Sewers do good, they take things like mitch away for proper disposal.