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  1. Last time I went up there, probably 12 years ago, had a nice ride on the SV from Tsali (we were mountain biking and camping) to the store. There was so much traffic going and coming off the gap that I didn't go any further. 276 going up to the Blue Ridge out of Brevard is very nice, and breakfast or lunch at the Pisgah Inn is a reward. Last time I did it (again, over 10 years ago) was on a bicycle though.
  2. Your governor is going to have to try a lot harder to kill his own people than our governor if he wants to be pres. DeSantis is said to be a front runner for the covid denier party, 2024. Wondering if Gaetz might be his sidekick.
  3. And unfortunately, they are being showed to be extremely successful at fund raising by doing nothing but obstruction and talking to the nut jobs. Fake news had a tally of Gaetz, Jordan and Greene's fund raising success this morning. Very impressive, especially considering the majority of it probably comes from small time donors and not the corporate machine.
  4. What a dirt bag.....you think he might be DeSantis's running mate for 2024?
  5. Made me laugh, and think a little. Thanks!
  6. Nah, he is not worried. Fake News said he was paying off the forced refunds with "Stop the Steal" money.
  7. I wonder how many of those grifted still support Trump, especially over Biden? How is that even legal?
  8. The Florida state run vaccine center I went to issued me a CDC card showing the date of both of my doses. That sort of goes against DeSantis's order. What I think he has also mandated is that no businesses in Florida can require showing that card for service or entry. He has already made it impossible for the enforcement of any mask mandates.
  9. I realize you wrote "one of". Heard a blurb on NPR, while driving to get my second Pfizer dose ironically, that the largest "hesitant" group is white male republicans. The complaint was that Trump could solve that problem with a simple statement.
  10. When I was racing motorcycles, the people faster than me were crazy, the people slower than me didn't have a clue.
  11. I think he has already done some legislation that prevents businesses from being held responsible for covid issues.
  12. (caution: Thread Drift) I don't know, I use to have some really good sails over in Cedar Key during my last year in school, late 1970's, on a Hartley "Trailer Sailer" 14.
  13. I will chime in with what might not work. Asyms on my displacement boat without a sprit, I just run the tack line through the anchor roller, don't seem to work at angles sort of near downwind, sort of like a genoa, they get back winded by the main. On a broad reach they seem really great, easy to handle (without a sock, but my boat is only 34' and fractional rigged), but you would have to gybe to maintain angles if you didn't want to pole it out like a genoa (have not even tried that yet). It is a little more stable than a genoa "wing and wing" without a pole, but not by much. All that mi
  14. Thanks everyone, that has added comedy to this insanity. Now if they can just link DeSantis. Scott and Rubio to this mess, maybe Florida would have a chance of recovery. The sailing can actually be pretty good.
  15. Got my second colony of Pfizer nanobots this morning. Hope they get along with the ones that have already established residency. I have to say, the state run facility in Jax at the mostly abandoned Regency Square mall seems to have it down really well. I was never in a "line", and everyone was dancing to "Staying Alive" in the "recovery" area.
  16. So their bullshit was a success then. Laid the groundwork to keep the wrong sort of people from voting.
  17. How has nomex stood up as a core material?
  18. Just head about 3 hours south.
  19. Yeah, now that crook is now one of our two worthless senators, both with hopes to be president.
  20. Billy Barr has already demonstrated he has no problem lying to congress under oath. Would it be any different in a courtroom?
  21. And every elected official and civil service employee that supported Trump in his false claims of "stop the steal".
  22. Hope they have fun with it!
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