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  1. I stumbled on these boats on the Hoek website last year, and contacted the builder who told me they have a few boats in Long Island. As I remember, the price was in the $400,000 range.
  2. Is this hull 1? This boat looks better to my eye than the one I went aboard while she was on the hard before the Newport show last year. Maybe just the difference of being in the water?
  3. She might be available soon with a post seizure discount!
  4. That looks more like EOS than the new Bezos yacht.
  5. Unlike motor yacht A, which has slightly grown on me, Sailing yacht A looks just as bad as the first time I saw her. I am open to hearing from someone who understands naval architecture better than I do why I am wrong.
  6. CERCERELLE is the Rozinante I remember, built at O Lie Nielsen in Rockland. I prefer a white hull on this design.
  7. There was one in Dark Harbor for years, on a mooring near mine, and I was never that taken by her. However I don’t think I ever saw her under sail, and she looks much better to me now. In those days, there were 2 Aramintas in Rockport harbor which excited me more, possibly because i grew up on a boat with a clipper bow. Today, i might like QUIET TUNE the best of all the LFH boats in that size range.
  8. I think someone accused me of hypocrisy. In any event, i wish I had followed my own advice, and not engaged in politics on a Sailing Forum. My only excuse is having a second espresso before going on deck to chamois.
  9. I did not mention a political party. I created an account on Sailing Anarchy to read about sailing from people who know more about sailing than I do. And while you are correct in saying that i have had power boats, I have also had a Dark Harbor 20, and a Ralph Stanley Friendship Sloop. My next purchase will be another sailboat, which explains why I want to hear about sailboats.
  10. I concede the mugger example was political, but no more than calling a reduced taking a gift. I did not voice support for either political party or mention border policy. I will take you ad hominem attacks as evidence that your factual arguments are weak
  11. Correcting inaccuracies is not a rant. I knew it didn’t make any more sense to discuss politics on a sailing forum than it would to discuss sailing on the Foreign Affairs website
  12. I come to this forum, and this thread for expertise on sailing, not economics. There are threads in this forum devoted to politics which is where this discussion belongs, although I would go elsewhere for expertise on politics and economics. (Much as I go elsewhere for expertise on power boats) It is also incorrect to refer to a tax cut as a give away because a tax cut takes less from someone, but does not give them any thing. If a mugger stole $100 from you, and let you keep $20, he hasn’t just given you $20, he has stolen $80. Depending on which part of the 60s you are re
  13. This seems to be drifting away from Cool Boats, and may belong in another thread.
  14. What are the 2 boats on he dock? The outer one”s cabin top reminds me of a Rhodes I know.
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