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  1. Super cool, thanks Kolibri! We would love to move to the Hilo area, but it's definitely out of the budget! I think you're right, just finding a neighborhood that works for you is the key. Good to hear that in general you like the Big Island!
  2. Surprising the Frances is fast, I would not have guessed that. I did look at a bunch but I'll go on the .org on it. I love the canoe sterns/double enders, hence I wound up with a Crealock 37. Thanks for the book idea, I'll grab it! We're looking in to the Puna District. I know it's a little rough but it's in our budget! I have some friends in Volcano, so that's an option, but mainly looking in a couple neighborhoods to the north down on the coast. Hawaiian recreational shores being the most likely. 1/4 acre lots for in the 15K area, and there's water in that neighborhood, so no catch syst
  3. Oh what a beautiful boat, I wasn't familiar with the Victoria Frances, I just checked them out. How did she sail? We're considering moving to Hawaii, the Big Island, how was the cruising there? Are there a lot of protected anchorages throughout the islands?
  4. A bowline can also "float" apart if left with no load in the water, especially if tied in the yellow poly line.
  5. Ah a Chuck Paine Morris! That explains her beauty! Mr. Chuck Paine, designed several of my fave boats, the Victoria 34, the Bowman 40, and the Morris "Justine". Even he's American he should be knighted for those two British boats. Of course all the Morris' are beautiful and great sailors as well, the Morris 34 being the same hull as the Victoria 34. I've always felt he was not recognized enough for his extraordinary designs.
  6. I used to call her a cutter rigged yawl, but I was corrected on here once and told it's a "yawl with a double headsail". I still call her a cutter rigged yawl. This is my first cutter, and I have to say I was pretty stoked that when to windward the staysail added over a knot easily and really helped balance the helm! Get one Ajax, no matter what your shoulder angel tells you, listen to the shoulder boat devil!
  7. That's the guy I bought her from at the helm and his girl. I think he was just island hopping back then. He sailed her to Cuba 13 times, and all over the Caribbean for 15 years.
  8. Lol! I let my stripper girlfriend do whatever she wants!! Thanks for the tip, I'm looking into the renogy panels.
  9. Lol! I let my stripper girlfriend do whatever she wants!! Thanks for the tip, I'm looking into the renogy panels.
  10. Dang that sucks!!! I've talked with them a few times, we were discussing bringing them in as a "vendor" for us at Crutchfield. They were a little tough to talk with for us as well, it ultimately didn't work out. Glad the other panel is working for ya, I'll look them up. Can it be walked on?
  11. I've thought about that kind of rig many times JRC. I've been into Roger Taylor for years, he is who turned me on to that rig/sail. Not sure how well, or extensive a refit for a Crealock would be, I'll probs stick with my rig as it is, but will always be inspired and slightly envious of yours!
  12. Ajax! There are some vey rugged and high quality solar panels that can be walked on available from Coastal Climate Control. I believe they're up in your area as well. https://www.coastalclimatecontrol.com/index.php/solar/solbian.html Those are the Solbian brand, I've had my hands... and feet on them, they're quite rugged nice!
  13. Very cool! Excellent reefing capabilities! Reminds me of the sail Roger Taylor built for his Ming Ming. Reefable right down to one panel. His is not as intricate as yours, but same idea. Thanks for that JRC! Good sailing to ya!
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