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  1. Xeon

    RS Toura?

    I love what you do west coast and most of your views but you are misrepresenting mine. All the boats you have mentioned ( other than the Hobie wave which I have never seen as it’s unknown in the uk ) are successful racing boats, I totally agree but they all have one think in common, they are small . Which is why they work . I have nothing against roto or injection moulding for boats at all. BUT at this moment in time it just doesn’t scale up so doesn’t work for larger boats , you just end with a heavy floppy thing that gives you no feed back at all . These boats are fine for
  2. Xeon

    RS Toura?

    Name one, ( other than the Feva ) .
  3. This is just looking in the past though rose coloured glasses. The young people of the countries that are winning medals are not doing this. In these countries if young sailors have talent they are placed into a system which will eventually lead them to being paid to sail and provide them with the best coaches/boats/sails money can buy. While also covering all their travel costs to sail at the highest level sailing events. Sadly the USA will always be on the back foot unless they put into place their own version of this system. Especially as US sailing employed someone to sort this out
  4. True but in life the world is only changed for the better by people that fight the waves
  5. Xeon

    RS Toura?

    Very true but is still 100 better than the the BEST roto boat of the same size
  6. Xeon

    RS Toura?

    Roller skates , no one has said ‘ man that Bahia was was fun ‘ EVER on any continent lol . You use then to teach people the basics of sailing , they then can buy boats that are responsive and fun and that DOESNT mean buying new 29ers. Just something second , third or fourth hand that gives the person some feedback and FUN. If any club is using Bahia type boats for racing ,that’s just a route to extinction
  7. Xeon

    RS Toura?

    Just because the Feva is relatively slow and sailed by kids doesn’t mean it’s not a race boat, it is. Works because it’s small. But in general I do agree with you about roto boats . The main problem is that it just doesn’t scale up well . By the time you get over 12 foot long they are just too heavy and floppy to provide a good sailing experience. Certainly all roto boats I’ve sailed from laser/topper and RS have been very poor and if they had been my first experience of sailing , it would have been my last . I have heard good things about some of the roto boats from Hartleys
  8. As a European person who really can not understand Sunfish type boats in anyway , it really pains me to say I think the new Rocket could really work for you and the type of sailing your looking to do .
  9. All singlehanders seem to be in short supply at the moment in the uk . My mate has been looking for a Winder Solo for a couple of months with no luck. DFL1010 if you do Facebook , there are a couple of Aeros for sale on the ‘ Dinghy and Dinghy bits for sale ‘ site at the moment .
  10. But the ILCA class in the uk is awash with none class legal spars . People used to buy them as they were cheaper than the class legal ones. So what’s new about this ? Other than the fact it’s made of carbon FIBRE LOL
  11. Xeon

    RS Toura?

    I haven’t even heard a rumour.
  12. I have bad memories of Rutland water . My front teeth had a coming together with my Laser centreboard and I lost one of them . Not sure if I eat it or it’s at the bottom of the lake
  13. I wasn’t saying I agreed with it ( my club doesn’t do it , if you change rig it’s a new entry) I was just saying that’s what happens . Personally I am more than happy sailing the Dzero now , the standard rig/ sail combo works really well and covers all the wind conditions I would ever want to sail in . I know it does also have the smaller ‘Blue ‘ rig but it’s gained no traction at all as the standard rig covers such a large range .
  14. Very true but a lot of dinghy racers have full and flat cut sails and some classes are only mostly concerned with the max size of a sail which allows you to have smaller sails made . It’s not quite as clear cut as saying ‘ Racing dinghys don’t reef.’ When i had my British moth I had a full sail, a flat cut sail and a smaller sail that was about 10% smaller than the max sail size. The smaller sail wasn’t particularly competitive but a least it meant I got on the water when it was blowing dogs of chains .
  15. Totally agree , this is how 95% + clubs would do it in the uk. There a few clubs that go off on their own way though with handicap racing . A few would let you change down from a standard ILCA rig to radial rig on a windy day and still let you count that in your series results. BUT you would have to sail using the standards yardstick . There are even a couple of clubs I know of, that let you count all your results in a series, what ever you sail . So your series results could be , two races in a laser , two races in a radial , one race in a solo , one race in D-zero etc e
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