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  1. You last comment was just silly . There are no compliant ( to your version of rule 42) sailors in the Olympics. Because if they did sail that way they wouldn’t have have qualified for the event anyway .
  2. As mentioned elsewhere over 200 boats for the Uk ILCA nationals and yet to see a ‘ laser class’ event anywhere . The laser class boat for sale on fb did not sell and was withdrawed. Probably because the seller was honest in saying it wasn’t a ILCA class legal boat. And still people think LPE are the future
  3. When the war started, I did think it could be the end of the domination of singlehanded sailing by the laser. Tbh I think it’s done the opposite. The class in the uk has been reinvigorated, partly because it has to engage with the wider sailing community to get its message out about what is a class legal boats .
  4. Up date on the LPE boat for sale in the uk. Still cheap for a year old boat . People still people asking if it’s class legal and does it have a WS plaque . Even though the seller has been open about it NOT being a ILCA. Still not sold .
  5. I have just seen my first laser class boat come up for sale on fb. Its up for about £1000 less than a ILCA boat of the same age , he has already dropped the price twice. Will be interested to see what it sells for in the send.
  6. I mostly agree but I think there will be no need of a breakaway class. I think it will be a separate class under the ILCA umbrella.
  7. Prices for second hand boats in most classes have definitely hardened up in the last year . Supply and demand. Last time I bought a laser was about 6 years ago and I paid £1500 for a 1999 laser , in great condition, with a combi trailer , with two rigs and good sails . I sold it two years later for £1400. If I sold it now I might even make a very small profit. I’ve been toying with with the idea of moving from a British moth to a d zero for the last four years . Supply of new boats is tight at the moment because of COVID so the price of second hand has risen too . I have
  8. Racing my wife. She’s the one in the pink boat that’s ahead of me, as normal .
  9. No one hates ILCA sailors . They are the salt of the earth. Though to be honest there was one laser sailor I hated ( cheating ba#tard that he was) , god rest his soul and may he burn in hell.
  10. Interesting point . Just wondering how often DO we all sail ? My club sails all year round on sundays so, in a normal year ,I sail about 43 to 47 times out of the 52 weeks in the year . ( some of those missed weeks are club duties so I am still at the club having a laugh ) Plus we sail on Wednesday evenings in the summer so that’s about 20 races and I normally only do 6 to 8 of those. How often does anyone else sail ?
  11. There are no fleets of either boat any where in the world. Pick what ever boat you fancy the most and give it a try . Just don’t pay too much for the boat so you don’t lose too much money when you sell the boat if you don’t like it .
  12. Is this directed at me, as I am more than happy to stand behind everything I have posted .
  13. When ? It must of been a long time ago. I’ve been on here in total about 8 years and I’ve seen very little good humour. On the other hand i think the forum is a lot LESS intimidating place than it was years ago when newbys were picked on mercilessly.
  14. Gouv Your words have just proved my point , you are telling us all how wonderful you are, again . Something I feel no need to do. But just for you , JUST ONCE, I will tell you just a few things I have done over the years. For my club . Been on the committee for 25 years Been bar manager for 20. Been one of a team of 3 that build an extension to our club house that doubled it in size. Been involved in club member training for 20 years Been involved in every club event involved in attracting new members. Been to every working party in that time .
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