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  1. I never even heard of yauling. It never occurred to me to try that. Thank you to all for that solution. Much simpler, more effective, and cheaper. Plus, I want to attach a fold down swim platform in the future, and this way I can use all of my transom's real estate. Simply brilliant!
  2. This isn't really a "fixing" issue, but hopefully that doesn't ruffle too many feathers. I have a '77 27' O'Day. I want to mount a transom bracket so that I can use the short shaft (15") outboard for my dinghy in case of an emergency. Is this possible? Do they even make brackets that can make using a short shaft outboard feasible on my sailboat? If so, what is it? I have been scouring the internet without much luck.
  3. I'll start by saying that I am a layman when it comes to sailboats. Well, any boat, really. I bought a boat 3 years ago and I started using it more and more recently due to Covid and being able to work from home. I've actually sort of transitioned to living (more like camping) on the boat. It's a 1977 O'Day 27, and I love the boat. It's usually just me and a friend or two that weekend on her and do very casual, coastal sailing. Underway she's a great boat. When I am moored or docked, however, she's a little awkward when it comes to entertaining. I'm 6'3", and when I'm prepping/cooking/m
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