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  1. No idea what Jack did to rate a flick hammer, but not long after I joined this forum he responded to a silly ass post I made in the VOR thread in a way that was not in anyway condescending & totally explained the situation. This to a noob that has never owned a boat of any type... RESPECT.
  2. Wait, what? when did Disney come up with "Squid Game On Ice"?
  3. It was kind of a weird deal actually, it was earlier in the project when I was working out on the floating span & decided to explore the bridge a bit on my lunch break. I went down some stairs to access the lower sections close to the water & there sitting on the parapet was what I first took to be a dog, when it turned round & jumped into the water I figured out what I was actually seeing.
  4. Worked on that bridge for a spell replacing the grating & trying to quiet it down a bit, never was gifted with the sight of one of the subs passing thru, did see a cute harbor seal once.
  5. ^We here in Seattle have said for years to burn those eyewatering glowing green uniforms.
  6. This struck a bit of a chord with me since I just gave Mieville's "Perdido Street Station" a re-read, & arguably the affair with Isaac (human) & Lin (khepri) pretty much nails that theme. Had to go out of my way for the re-read, my daughter now owns my autographed copy, works out though, I have her signed copy of King's "11/22/63", on the other hand my signed Gibson's are staying close to hand, up next "The Scar", my favorite of that cycle.
  7. I was up with the chickens this morning to watch F1, took a nap later in the day right thru most of the 1st half, should have continued the nap.
  8. Thanks jocal re "the weapons effect" it puts a name to the very weird feeling I had trying to carry for a very short period of time when riding METRO late at night with a Browning .32 tucked into the inside pocket of the leather jacket I was wearing. You guys probably won't want to here this but I got that jacket from my brother, it had a few drops of his blood on it since he was wearing it when he put a round from that very .32 thru the roof of his mouth. I will concede that some of the weird feeling I was getting might have been from this. Nevertheless that feeling probably led to
  9. Yep such great allies we are, why I remember this time a while back when some of their guys even "helped" fly "some planes". Swell bunch of guys.
  10. Careful where you throw those stones A4idiot, the same ammo applies to you.
  11. ^Kind of sticks a fork into the conventional wisdom that the Hawks are the superior 2nd half team.
  12. Weather is definitely a concern, yesterday the signal was out for good part of the day because of heavy rain squalls to the SE of my place. Luckily it was clear during the evening for my 3 hours early viewing of TOONAMI, of course being an east coaster you would not get that benefit.
  13. ^minus the cutout that is exactly the way the basement sink in my house is used. It's multi function features include: sink, urinal, & drinking fountain. Oops, forgot one, cleaning the plates my kitties eat off.
  14. When did the universe flip upside down & inside out to the point that dg-idiot & 4himself sound exactly the same?
  15. Snipped it down to the last bit, hoping this happens since I am a little younger (62 on Thursday) & would like a booster sometime before Easter for the upcoming convention (the anime one). Bet the Paramount Hotel would love to have my money too!
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