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  1. Does anyone know if Piers Anthony is still kicking? (I have one HELL of a shelf full of Xanth novels). Going to throw this out because of a recent re read, Gibson"s "Agency" got kind of mean review on this site, for myself curious to see where this series might lead, assuming Bill lives long enough to crank out a finale, not exactly a spring chicken being 11 years older than this 61 year old youngster.
  2. BA was out for blood & breathin fire! Tip of the hat here to Rennie, I thought the roller coaster analogy was spot on, & to expand on that, in the 1st race one the tracks broke & 2 cars flew off (luckily the passengers were all thrown clear into a pillow factory).
  3. Weirdly it looks like here in the states I have hot & cold running "Circus of Larry" on YouTube.
  4. For this post alone, eternal respect, no matter how RW nutjob you go, this will be in the back of my head. Must confess a certain attachment to "Fly Like An Eagle" always thought it would be a super spacey tune to listen to while skiing.
  5. Also in & knuckle rapped the table for recent improvement news, thanks boomer.
  6. Pfizer #1 setup for the 16th, saw first hand just how quickly appointments get snapped up when I went back to get the jab for my wife (fail).
  7. animeproblem


    DAMN! Looked for the show on Sunday & somehow missed it, I do see it listed on HBO Signature tonight. I'll say this about Jim & Ron W, they make me ashamed to call myself Otaku.
  8. Oddly after leaving it alone for a while starting to get a little itch to pursue some salmon in the local rivers, since this is an odd year Pinks should be plentiful & in my experience that puts other species on the bite. And my daughter is planning a visit this summer & she does like a bit of fishing, couple of nearby lakes should fit the bill for some trout action.
  9. Agree, but it's a short term problem, once we finish killing off those pesky bees we will be done with almonds.
  10. Because I'm not big on travel & also a cheap date, I'd settle for Sakura Con & a hotel room. Weirdly the one bucket list item I have that would require travel is The Ice Hotel (the real one in Sweden), go figure.
  11. Zactly, it was that whole idea of a sail powered vessel where cost was the last thing considered that drew me to cup in the first place.
  12. If this passes I can foresee a bunch of old timers (like myself) sitting around the hiring hall with a wound somewhere on their face. It works like this: old timer takes a dispatch to go out & tie some bar, at some time shortly after their pliers slip off the wire & strikes them in the face, noticed this first hand back in the 80s when reinforcing work was hot & heavy around here. (Said old folks are back at the hall BTW not for the wound, but simply because they are too slow to keep up with the hands who made a career of tying re-bar.)
  13. Infinity Nah, that was the boom he tripped over. THIS!!
  14. ^Nice that "the Bad Sleep Well" gets a mention, it came up on TCM quite a while back & I was frankly electrified, but horror of horrors I had to leave the house for some silly ass reason, got back in time to see the devastating conclusion. One would think with the nihonaphile cred that I try to talk up I would be well versed in Kurosawa but the truth is I'm actually a bit lacking, have to rectify that sometime, I did enjoy "Dreams" however.
  15. Was kind of hoping a specific thread would start on this topic, have to say the above suggestion is super interesting! Personally I would like to see the foil constraints opened up a tad & the ability to change to match predicted conditions. And as many have suggested & I believe rightly so an extended pre start dance. re, the relaxed foil rules the "keep costs down" crew will doubtlessly slap me down for that, I say fuck them, get a better billionaire if you want to play.
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