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  1. Talked to a few crew on the island sounds like nobody was paying attention and they biffed it, they got pulled off by the Sarnia fire department
  2. Update think she is off the ground and on the way out seems like a shitty idea not to get inspected after running aground.
  3. On the way to the Huron Mac start this year the Oakcliff “youth boat” is stuck on the hard
  4. who the fuck left the doors to PA open. Move this shit back there please Ed.
  5. It seems like everything that's fast these days is ugly...
  6. I not saying it's gonna be slow but if you wanna be fast its all about looking good. Why do you think owners keeping buying collared shirts.
  7. Looks like it tracks upwind like shit but hauls ass of the breeze. I don't know how I feel about Scow bows on anything other than scows... Looks a little like a turd
  8. Heres a reupload i grabbed of instagram. Gnarly as fuck Jboat_crash.mp4
  9. Single-handed nerds seem to really like those hard dodgers. Looks like an Imoca 60
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2CP6PyhGvA/?igshid=nm5oreznm5orezcl Couldn't find the Original post but saw this in my feed today
  11. What hiking pants are people a fan of for lasers and 420s in the high school season in the midwest, looking to get a pair but unsure which pair to get.
  12. t This is the prototype put out by Team UK, Looks like it might kill someone
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