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  1. Sierra 26 is an excellent DDR ride. One of my favorite races
  2. I have installed dozens of heating system. Most have been webasto hydronic. I think they are superior to both Espar and hurricane. I have an AT 55 in my boat. How many btu's do you want? The webasto 2010 is a very reliable workhorse, 45,000 btu's And don't overlook the condition of the loop, many older systems are poorly laid out and don't flow well. New fans will likely have 3/4" ports vs 5/8"
  3. I sold the last one I had available Quattro
  4. Please be aware the the edson quadrant common on Jboats is not meant to be a tiller arm for the autopilot. I have seen the quadrant damaged and hardware broken. Like on your J/120 Use a tiller arm designed to handle the loads. Another common mistake I see is the ram becomes the rudder stops, limiting the range of movement and damaging the ram. Quattro
  5. He still believes the ferry was at fault. " I was in the right!" He has admitted he was in the head when the ferry failed to yield. The marina manager did find a reason to move his slip. He is now at the end of the dock, no one has to walk past the dogs that don't bark. He was finally convinced to move off the boat during the repairs
  6. Nap Time was hauled out at a local marina after that incident. The owner is a real piece of work. The boat was blocked with the transom a few feet away from the marina office window and front door. The owner and his two small dogs live aboard. Every person that approached the office was subject to the dogs barking and yelping like it was the end of the world. Yard-" Can you keep the dogs inside the cabin?" "Customers are complaining about the barking" NT - "My dogs are fine, they don't bark...." Yard - "They are barking now, I am having trouble hearing you. Please.
  7. Maybe I am confused by your post. Are you proposing bringing combustion air for the heater 20+ feet from inside the living space? I would advise against that, combustion air should be 100 percent outside air. The distance is also a big restriction on air flow. A mix of inside / outside air is preferable for cold air supply, so if you want to promote flow of warm air thru the living space, draw 30 percent from inside, in the v berth if you can swing it. For any heater to operate correctly, it needs good flow. I install and service heaters in PNW. Quatt
  8. It seems like the answer is clear. Send it out and get it swaged properly. Lifelines are kind of important. I would get new wire. The hand crimp fittings are just ok. Stalok fitting are great for standing rigging, but and expensive choice for lifelines. Borax is correct, if you use stalok, follow the instructions. I am amazed at how frequently I see them poorly done. Quattro
  9. Take a look at Suremarine.com They have parts lists and diagrams. I have repaired a few stoves with their help. Quattro
  10. Fisheries email from a few days ago said this was the best version of their site yet. Smart phone friendly. It feels like a solution looking for a problem. I have always felt Fisheries was the clear leader in the NW when it came to sailboat hardware. Nothing on the front page,
  11. Thanks for your input all, This is the feed back I was looking for Quattro
  12. I am a big fan of Fisheries Supply. They have been the go to vendor in the Puget Sound are for decades. I'll drive past WM to shop there. Finding and ordering parts online became more popular when Covid hit. All good, website was easy to use and find what you are looking for, place it in will call. Pick up the next day. Yesterday that changed They have a new website. Have a look and give your feed back. Fisheriessupply.com I have shared my opinion. Its not good Quattro
  13. I am curious, As it relates to pickup for your watermaker, what thruhull would you select for a race boat that is sailing in the teens to 20's boatspeed? 50 footer Transpac, Paccup.... A fixed scoop is out, too much drag. Drawing air will cause the pump to hammer, working harder and reducing output. Tell me what you like or dislike about a current setup. Quattro
  14. IdahoPhoenix, Yes on both questions. I can send the jig to Sandpoint, and I have a few mast butt adjusters complete and ready to ship. Ill send a pm with my contact info and we can work on the details Cheers Quattro
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