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  1. That's awesome KoolKat! Was wondering about the jib tack aft/bag boat combo, but didn't know how common that was. Given the hull construction, she's certainly not competitive anymore, but in very nice condition and still an absolute beauty!
  2. Thanks all for the advice. I managed to build a canvas cradle lined with some cushy 1.5" foam across the bunks, plus removing a few leaf springs, it flew well on the road. #6666 now has a new home. Stay tuned for the how the hell do I rig/sail this thing...
  3. Interesting...hadn't really considered that. Just rest the tanks on a padded platform? Would have to figure out what to do with the mast...
  4. I wish...no trailer, no dolly. I plan to build a combi trailer, but need to get it home first...
  5. Ok, then. Sounds like I have to figure something else out. Just so it's clear, I attached a pic of the bunks on the trailer...that's a 470. Seems like I would need some pretty big out-riggers to build a cradle with straps to fit a 505.
  6. I had considered that - running webbing straps between bunks to make a "cradle". The problem is that the bunks freely rotate, so they can move to the right position to conform and lay flat against the hull. So I can't really put any tension across the bunks with the straps as the bunks will rotate bearing the corner of the bunk on the hull vs. laying flat. I can certainly try something like this...but I was hoping to have a better feeling of whether or not I will cause problems if it just rides on the bunk before I make the trip.
  7. Well, I finally did it (well almost)...I am buying a 505! It is a '78 with a parker hull. Unfortunately, it's a drive (~9hrs) and it doesn't come with a trailer. I plan to pick it up with a powerboat style trailer that has straight bunks. I have read several places that these sort of bunks can damage/dent 505 hulls. Once I get the boat home, I plan to make a dolly trailer combo with better support for the long term...but my question is: Is it a bad idea to only support the boat with straight bunks just for a 9hr highway drive? Without having the boat to template off of, it's hard to buil
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