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  1. 1) fore guy failed or bad gybe 2) sheets are fouled obviously 3) wrong halyard was released to stop the madness, can see its lazy now
  2. I don't have that option unfortunately.
  3. Sorry about the delay on posting. Worked fine on a four day run around the island. I used AWA autohelm upwind well. Downwind was not so good. As it would chase the wind more then I could bear. All in all happy with how it connects up and speed of data.
  4. If it was NEMA 2000 it couldn't have worked on my autohelm. Much lower bandwidth needed for 0183 and this device has no need for 2000 data calling and sharing. Lastly you can convert up to 2000 through many devices.
  5. I have one and was installed on a Corsair 31R. I only install it when we the boat is out sailing. Last used it for a 400 mile run. It stopped working so I did have to send it back once so far. Took awhile to arrange and ship from the middle of the pacific. Calypso said it was bad part from a supplier. I have a new one they sent back and it will be driving the auto helm on the next trip in mid-October. Will post how that goes. As for accuracy it is very good. I ran both sticking out the moon roof of the car on long extension rod. Just need to see the durability at sea be
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