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  1. Looking at the drone footage was the mast an option that he chose not to buy?
  2. What happens when you get towed outside the enviornment and re enter it again.
  3. From G Captain today The leadership of an American nuclear-powered submarine that hit a seamount in the South China Sea last month will be relieved of command, U.S. officials told Reuters on Thursday. The U.S. Navy fast-attack submarine Connecticut hit the submerged object last month but there were no serious injuries and the vessel is currently in Guam. Fifteen people suffered minor injuries such as bruises and lacerations. The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the leadership was relieved because of a loss of confidence after the crash and that an i
  4. So the current has carried the boat out of the environment Yes where all there is is birds and fish...................................................and twenty thousand tons of crude oil..............and fire
  5. I now that they couldn't ship for about a week
  6. I don't believe Irgarol was banned. BASF let the patent expire on it " by accident" The accident was they were not making enough money on it. Everyone switched to PTFE which is like tefelon. Someone tried to bring out the Irgarol a few years after but they were undercapitolized
  7. I guess this one was built so the front didn't fall off !!!!! At least they didn't have a nuclear leak that had to be towed outside the enviornment
  8. And the moral of the story is that Captain Chatchie learned and will now never forget what a whistle signal of five blasts means......................
  9. Got hit by a wave, chance in a million One of the funniest clips ever
  10. Many of us think of the Coasties as pains in the keister to be avoided if at all possible . . Until we need them. Amen Brother
  11. Mr Sulu take us to ramming speed and take out the Klingon sight seeing ship !!!!!! So I presume the pilot is still aboard...during docking maneuvers, is the skipper running the show or is it a combo effort between skipper and pilot. And if there are tugs involved... Pilot is aboard and giving commands, but under the captains liscence, the captain is obliged to give different advice if he feels the pilot is risking the ship, and then relieve his command if he feels it is still unsafe.
  12. And skipper bob pays back his buddy for sleeping with his wife
  13. Love Dirty Harry Anything Else you'd like to say Callahan Yeah. Your mouth wash . It's not making it
  14. Hey Sailboats have rights over powerboats !!!!!! NOW GET OUTA MY WAY OR I WILL PUSH YOU ASIDE................
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