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  1. On the 50 foot cat I delivered we had 2 fully redundant autopilots. 2 different brands (in case there was a software/manufacturing bug), in each hull. They shared no components (different displays, rams, computers etc.) We switched off between the 2 all the time. There was not a "primary" or "back up" autopilot. On a long cruise the autopilot is essential and it is nice to know if you have a problem you can switch between the two with ease. Maybe if we got a lighting strike we would have had a problem but we didn't. Also if you use 2 systems you will be able to know they are both work
  2. I'd go with either a swan 42 or swan 45. My swan 45 came from the PNW and was successfully raced there. Many of the swan 42s have moved to Europe but usually there is one or 2 for sale in the US. The newer boats are still built very well but are a much different boat than the older ones. They will do much better in the light winds. We mostly short hand race our Swan 45 and cruise on it. I was thinking of getting a 90's frers swan, just like you, but am so happy I ended up with the swan 45. My boat was originally in New York, then trucked to the PNW and trucked again to so cal so they can
  3. I would also recommend the swan 42! It is about 100k cheaper than a swan 45 and doesn't have all of the teak to worry about. It also has that nice retractable bow sprit. The great thing about these boats is that if properly maintained I doubt they will loose any value. This is because of the premium buyers of used boats puts on the swan brand and the fact that these boats are almost fully depreciated. But who really knows! Mine has increased in value quite a bit in the last few years. Also the swan 42 (and 45) are pretty comfortable at cruising so you would be getting a dual purpose
  4. Just an idea maybe you could keep doing the videos and try and get subsidized by people wanting to sell their boats. I did enjoy your nice videos very much!
  5. I’ll probably be asking you for some after I loose the next batch.
  6. I must have gotten the last few. Ebay has them pretty plentiful. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Protective-Sun-Cover-For-B-G-H3000-GFD-GPD-20-20-HV-Graphic-Display-/163410668370
  7. https://www.waveinn.com/nautical-fishing/b-g-h300-protector-gfd-gpd-20-20hv/589968/p Or incase you don't want to deal with 3d printing. Just bought a few of them myself.
  8. Curious to hear about this. I have a swan 45. Early in its life (previous owner) my boat's rudder snapped off. This was a common problem. Swan reengineered the rudder and retrofitted every boat built at that time under warranty. I have my eye on the club swan 50. I know the first 3 boats came out of the factory a little heavy and swan is retrofitting all of them under warranty. What other problems are there in terms of "quality and consistency"?
  9. Why not replace the wind angle bearing too? With my MHU the wind speed bearing failed only a few months after my wind angle bearing. The failure started off as intermittent and slowly got worse. After replacing it everything worked as normal. It's cheap and easy to do and should probably be done anyways because you replaced the other bearing already and they might have a similar life. https://www.bandg.com/bg/type/instrument-sensors-and-transducers/wind-sensors/mhu-angle-bearing-1c42a942/ Here is the part!
  10. So I did buy a swan and happens to us too. What you are looking at is upwards where the keel meets the hull. Factory reports this is normal and should be fixed when the bottom paint is re applied.
  11. How about this one? https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/used-hall-freestanding-mast-and-v-boom/
  12. you probably cant see it so well so I would not worry about how it looks. You can easily replace the wing angle bearing and wind speed bearing.
  13. I replaced my original sponge type air filter on my volvo d2-55. I only did this because the original one started to fall apart. No change in performance or volume. The K and N was about the same price as the volvo filter but I got it much faster.
  14. +1 on the powered winches but many race rules outlaw them.
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