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  1. I like the 30E. The aft cabin is ok to get into. It’s a 1,5 person bed. the melody 34 seems good enough to look into. the first 30 is crap. Have you taken a look into a Dehler Optima 101? Roomy interior, good sailor, good build quality. Can be found for 20k.
  2. If it’s a 32, then 20k is not really cheap. Also the 32 is not as wanted as a 305 or a 325. So when the coronabonus is diminished, you have a boat that will sell for less. Don’t focus too much on one ship. In this segment, look for fresher examples. There is enough. Even pristine examples have more than enough work, because of their age.
  3. I have seen several 325s. This one is about 10k cheaper then normal and looks abused.
  4. EU is bad and UK is heaven on earth.
  5. You’r right. The EU is hell, the UK the promised garden of Eden.
  6. This whining about who is WC is getting a bit boring. It’s just like the hand of God from Maradonna. It’s a nice topic for in a bar, but for the rest of the people in the world Argentina won. Time to move on. And put the hurt egos aside.
  7. economic terrorists… forgot the purple font?
  8. I’ll stop coming here. One last diagnose for the two brexiteers…It’s a bad case of schizophrenic nonsense.
  9. That absolutely makes no sense at all. But hey ‘island mentality’… YOLO
  10. Me sailing the 200 Myls Solo Race a few weeks ago.
  11. Where would you suggest should the border be erected?
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