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  1. That’s how my inner forestay will be tensioned. 1:4 or 1:8 tackle, LFRs and a winch in the cockpit..
  2. That’s easy to fix... Only set the inner forestay when it’s time to use the blade.
  3. https://www.ad.nl/buitenland/brussel-woedend-over-opslag-astrazeneca-vaccins-in-italie-onaanvaardbaar~ae71567b/ Sometimes is better to show your teeths and just be blunt. EU power politics, right now, please...
  4. It never does! But it still is a good boat.
  5. Here she is! It’s clearly at the start of the season. I guess it’s April 2020.
  6. Off course it’s a fit for purpose rudder. Especially for fooling around in the mud...
  7. Patriot... why do Americans always choose these pathetic names? It seems like if you don’t wave the flag all day long you’re considered an outcast. It’s just a shame and embarrassing.
  8. just increase the head sail with a bigger boom. Just do it. You are seriously underpowered. All this talk about weather helm is only relevant when heaving raised enough sail area.
  9. Just brilliant. How he miraculously gets rid of his helmet and motor outfit when hitting the water. Fascinating.
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