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  1. as a frequent RC volunteer I would kindly tell him to fuck off, then never work a race again. Is this RC paid? Are they children he's writing this to? If he doesnt like how its being done then he should get off his ass and do it himself.
  2. of course not, Chase. How gauche would denim on a crew uniform be?
  3. "The Earth isnt dying, its being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses." -Utah Phillips Absolutely sickening. OP article was from October, they are already working on a plan: https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2021-03-10/ddt-seafloor-mapping-catalina-noaa-scripps
  4. Cant wait to pay $150 to not watch AC37 in the middle of the night in 4 years. Yay. CoR should sue for a change of venue.
  5. This is the work site if im not mistaken? Nearest neighbor is 280 ft away...
  6. looks like a tremendous amount of drag
  7. dont like it, we fear change
  8. I dont see how the nuisance caused by hi work is any different than building a house. As for this 'home based industry' claim, this is farmland, they all have that! Sounds like this neighbor is a bit of a nut, complaining about the noise the parrot makes! Leo said once he gets the rest of the planks and the ballast keel on he can move it. My guess is that is what will happen.
  9. didnt we settle this like 2 years ago? The answer is no.
  10. imagine believing these statistics. I'm acquainted with many thousands of people, the only one that died "of covid" also had heart disease, kidney failure, Multiple Sclerosis and had been in and out of hospitals for his whole life. Really think he died of Covid?
  11. last I remember La Vag didnt own the Outremer, they were leasing it on a sweetheart deal with Outremer as a promotion. Lease over?
  12. $1 Million dollars in $100 bills is a stack about 8 ft tall. That picture is silly.
  13. Yeah, use more throttle, thats it. I would have fucking shot him.
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