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  1. what if you have antibodies, what if you spread covid after getting the vax? this is all politics, nothing here relating to public health.
  2. https://maritime-executive.com/article/police-seize-largest-ever-haul-of-cocaine-from-a-sailing-vessel 5.2 tons of the white stuff found aboard a 78-footer in Spain, came from Columbia. Love how they start this article talking about how sailcargo is most economical for luxury goods.
  3. Males could never be capable of this, no man has ever assisted with a baby or cooked, much less stood a watch. Only 19-23 year old women in minimal clothing will do. I gotta wonder about the Patreon DMs they must get, "Brian, i will gladly chip in another $5/month for more T&A" lmao
  4. Texas rule is only for people born after like 1993. Just requires completion of the BoatUS or similar course. Also you have to be over 13 if powerboat with over 15HP or sailboat over 14' loa. Very strange to me since i was out on the water with a 40hp outboard when I was as young as 11. I guess we can blame these new rules on idiots with PWCs.
  5. I see Delos has a new crew, and surprise of all surprises theyre all young ladies in bikinis.
  6. Hey Zuck, the 90's called and they want their boat back. Why dont you add some flannel and a wallet chain to go with it?
  7. yeah but in Australia starboard is our port and port is starboard of course
  8. FDA panel votes against recommending the booster for most people: https://nypost.com/2021/09/17/fda-advisory-panel-refuses-to-green-light-booster-shots-for-people-16-and-over/
  9. "RC can specify starboard mark roundings every once in a while, as a treat." - 32.3
  10. Admit it. You all got suckered into taking a potentially dangerous experimental drug, and it turns out it doesnt work. So now you want to take your anger out on others. Pathetic.
  11. Its hilarious that any of you still think the vax works lol. This incident literally proves that it doesnt.
  12. The survey is to make sure you're buying enough limit and to make sure it isnt about to sink. Not sure why they'd require one for liability only, maybe for pollution and removal of wreck i guess. Yacht insurance market has been in a complete mess since the BVI hurricane a couple years ago, for get the name.
  13. Almost as many crew as camera angles. Why'd he sail away for so long? Seems scripted for sure though the helicopter was a nice touch if thats the case!
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