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  1. You're welcome. I don't have the bravery required to interview The Rod in person. I'm no Lil' Murray, nor would I like to end up like Lil' Murray.
  2. Excellent point that last one. The Rod may have even been under-reporting, which would fit with his humble nature. For example, I imagine the phrase "We are not floating anymore" may have been uttered more than 35 times.
  3. I can assure you, nothing was added to The Rod's replies. Perhaps sharing my reverence for The Rod, as well as my deep appreciation for the journalistic accomplishments of my Sailing Anarchy predecessors (RIP Lil Murray), would help you understand why editing or embellishing on his replies strikes against my very nature and sense of honor. The Rod is a man of action. A man of great vision. A man of few words. A man of even fewer words that are comprehensible. Misunderstood genius? Yacht Building Savant? The next Robert Perry? The Frank Lloyd Wright of the sea? These are not question
  4. Deeper analysis of his response shows he wrote: "35nots". While I'm unaware of what "nots" is a measurement of, my hunch, based on my admittedly limited knowledge of large catamaran design and performance characteristics, is that a "not" may be the exact opposite of a "knot" or perhaps some very, very small fraction of a "knot". Perhaps the experts in here could weigh in.
  5. Impossible to say. It was a written conversation via direct messages on a social media site. I was quite literally astounded he replied to me, as I don't personally know The Rod, but after reading every post of this novel, I did feel a deep personal connection to The Rod. I found him and reached out as I needed some sense of closure to this epic tale.
  6. I've been saving this for a time of great need, and as we wind down the end of this epic shit show of a year, I figured now is the time. I found the Hot Rod a number of months ago and had the opportunity to ask him some questions (literally a highlight of my life to date). While I'm no Lil Murray (RIP our intrepid reporter), I did get some interesting Hot Rod perspective on the demise of the Flyin' Hawaiian and what's next for the Rod. I share his remarkable responses (edited only to remove anything too personal or that could be considered doxxing) in the hopes it brings some joy in thes
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