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  1. I just rebuilt a Ritchie Globemaster 6". I'll be honest, I did a great job. Bought the proper fluid, (Isopar M I think) but read a lot that it is Odorless Mineral Spirits (not Mineral Oil) so I probably wasted some money on the fluid. I replaced the plastic dome and o-ring, which was broken and leaking. (from Viking Compass. Came super quick). I was able to completely eliminate the bubble by using a 'vacuum degasser' (which I borrowed from work). Basically it's a vacuum pump from harbor freight and a pot and lid to pull the vacuum in (from Compleat Sculptor in NYC). I pulled the vacuum o
  2. Hi all, didn't want to leave a question mark hanging here. Boat was in Norwalk, now in New Rochelle. I finally had a chance to take some bolts out of the chainplates. The bulkhead Looks to be about 5/8" to 3/4" thick solid fiberglass, with wood veneer only on both sides - there does not appear to be any plywood. Needless to say I'm greatly relieved. Though I am surprised that there was plywood on your J35 bulkhead Lex, since it is from the same year and basically the same hull. Thanks for all your help! Ben.
  3. This is all great, thanks to everyone here. I heard back from J/Boats that to their recollection the J36 does have a balsa cored molded bulkhead. I'll just have to do a better inspection to find out. PaulK thanks for this tidbit - from your first hand experience it sounds like there is no balsa. The veneer is definitely buckled around the chainplates but hopefully no problems lurk beneath... Thanks again, Ben.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll give J/boat a ring.
  5. Hi all. I'm a longtime lurker first time poster. I'm looking at a J36 that needs some (a lot of) work. Lots of -at minimum- cosmetic water damage to the main bulkhead that the chain plates bolt through. On the J36, does anybody know if this bulkhead is balsa cored or solid fiberglass? Does the plywood play any role here, or is it truly cosmetic. Is this the same on the J35? Thanks in advance. Ben.
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