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  1. I also like the idea of radar, I have it on my current boat. I've even used it twice. But the reality was we just couldn't find a place for the post that didn't interfere with runningbacks, lifeboat, etc. I think the designer was probably saving me from myself and stuck to the original design spec, which is: "As far along the outward envelope of racer as a racer-cruiser can possibly be". Very few items not along that spec have made the cut -- probably 100kg total in equipment, and every one has been with a good amount of hand wringing. Also, the designer not-so-secretly hates the aest
  2. Nowhere. I scrapped the radar. No sattelite dome. Solar panels are on the coach roof house. No wind generator. Watt and Sea Hydrogenerator gets me power under sail. I detest the idea of radar on the mast, disturbing the windflow in the slot. Worse -- I've torn two sails racing hard and getting the trim in as we go through a tack.
  3. Did it get in yet? Best of luck. Should be a blast!
  4. Deck ready to be attached. (See below) Additional changes to specs since last update - swapped out SS shrouds for Future Fibers EC3 carbon. added a diesel heater. Scrapped the radar/stern post. Switched to new B&G Nemesis screens by companionway Specced out a removable bench for the companionway Switched starting battery to lithium (thanks to @svitale for pointing that out on his build) Added big ass stickers on the side, similar to @shaggybaxter Clarity around the winches, especially for the runningbacks. Upgraded to performa and
  5. Not sure what the final version will be. I suggested the Frigomar with variable speed, b/c it has very low surge requirements, and can run on eco as low as 200 watts. The yard was skeptical it was up to the task, but I don't have the whole boat ducted, just the main saloon and the starboard aft cabin. I'm very interested to see how well it works. With a 5kwh lithium battery and 600W on the solar top, theoretically it can run 24 hours on just sunshine. I suspect that won't actually work. The W&S hydrogenerator, in combination with the solar should be enough, though. Then, the third pow
  6. With even more mast! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. Freeeeeeedoooooommmm!!!!!! Hull is out of the mold. Woohoo!
  8. Congrats on the purchase! 3 comments/questions: #1 All true. Keep in mind that sales tax is paid on the value of the boat at the time it is triggered. Since boats depreciate rapidly in the first couple years, it's worth getting an appraisal by a third party and submitting that as a value to pay sales tax. Can lop off about 50%. #2: Who did you talk to!? I've been trying all sorts of agents to get someone to help with this stuff, and nobody calls me back! Could you PM me with what you did here? I'm having a hell of a time getting my ducks in a row with th
  9. Four to six months and I take the delivery of my Pogo 50. I. Can. Not. Wait.
  10. More this week. I suspect more of the structural rigidity athwartship will be added soon. Also, the inverted deck/coachroof/top/whatever.... I have no idea if the two will be paired in a week or in three months. I would imagine after the engine/plumbing/electrical is installed, in any case.
  11. Work continues. Pictures below with more internal structures installed. Deck is coming along. Not sure when the two come together. Decisions made since last post 1) Reverted back to 12V. The simplicity of a single low voltage system won the day. Benefits of an Integral system, or other high wattage alternator replaced instead by having two identical alternators. Redundancy is a nice bonus of this system. 2)Added diesel heater... since it has A/C anyway, and installing the transfer tubing is trivial at this stage, compared to a retrofit. 3)confirmed dedicated winches
  12. #ehrmygerd. The central enclosed area is the engine compartment. I hadn't realized it was only accessible from the port side. It may not suprise anyone that the skippers berth is on the starboard side... which also has AC. Keith, one of my crew, will learn about this from reading this comment, and realize he is bound for some sweaty passages.
  13. Has anyone used the RPG Gaff Lock system? I wonder if there's a chance it will disengage while reefing the sail in a building breeze. That would be... uh... problematic.
  14. Here's a video of the gaff lock in action. I don't think I'll be using a halyard lock at the top like that, though. Regardless. Pretty slick.
  15. This is not sorted yet. This thread kicked off a conversation with North (and Axxon by extension) about the T track. RPG Gaff Lock seems like the likely candidate. Video below. North has it's own solution that is also automatic, but maybe not as elegant as RPGs. (AKA throw a lot of lines at the problem) The RPG system seems to have some further advantages in terms of not having a pile of lines going from the top carriage to the headboard when the sail is packed away, as well -- just one line. B
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