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  1. I was plied with drink by a friendly stranger.
  2. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/boa/d/milwaukee-ranger-22-sailboat-with/7290888522.html This is up the road...Ranger 22....2100 lbs. Has trailer...draft might be a bit tricky for a inland lake... Slip neighbor had a 235. Fast and handy....he sailed it singlehand all the time. He lived on it during the summer. Used porta potti for years on a Hunter 255 they work fine. A little queasy to empty and clean but you can easily dump them into a terrestiral porta-san or regular valve based flush toilet...
  3. I am always watching and looking....if I am buying or not....but I can speak to what is happening locally... Around the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan in particular, the used "cash" boat market was pretty good for sellers. Good meaning you could actually sell a boat. Usually a cash boat 25-30 years old or more could take YEARS to sell....and for "big" boats on the Great lakes (> 40') and older than 20 years (outside of easy financing territory) the market it is still a buyers market. Not a big market of buyers looking for 40' plus boats in the Great Lakes. Storage and dockage of big boats
  4. here is a little Mini-Tonner cutie in MKE....all IOR lumpy and shit https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/boa/d/milwaukee-ranger-22-sailboat-with/7290888522.html
  5. I am recruiting hot gay guys with no experience to crew this season on Dragonfly. Will just do clips of them them twerking in hot underwear during the race... You old crabs will watch...
  6. https://madison.craigslist.org/boa/d/oxford-luger-16-seabreeze-sailboat/7301637284.html "I bought this from a guy who had it sitting in the woods for a handful of years. The rudder and sails were kept in his garage so they are good. The boat had filled with rain water. We removed all the deteriorated wood floor and styrofoam underneath."
  7. You got my $10! Having been working on my own retro boats....seeing the different deck layouts and interior configurations are a source of ideas for my own projects and refits...I have scoured my home marina looking at various vintage race boats rigging when I resurrected and refit the Pearson Flyer this past summer and got it sailing again. Being able to see the layouts is not only entertaining but educational. "Lets go look at boats!" is the next best thing to sailing them.
  8. Pearson Flyer 30 with the topsides chopped about 8-10"
  9. Nah Commando Cody already nailed it 70 years ago...
  10. my guess is the line fouled the throttle as he was standing on the swim platform about to step off....ugh....that must have been a really shitty feeling....in the water helpless...watching the boat rocket off...
  11. you can see him climb onto quay and run for the rescue boat...
  12. Lone person backs in, takes out of reverse puts in forward to slow backing.. jump off back with rudder hard over and a line in hand, ..expecting to hop back on as line snugs, to put boat in reverse and set the second aft line....problem is the line he jumps off with fouls the throttle at the pedestal and away goes the boat before he can cleat it....
  13. http://www.milwaukeeindependent.com/articles/lakefront-icon-jeopardy-sv-denis-sullivans-sailing-days-without-maintenance/ DS absent sailing on the lakefront this past season. Would be sad to see the ship fall into disrepair There is a gofund me link in the article.
  14. Oddly enough I broke my teeth (literally) on a Honda 50cc mini bike in the early 70s. So my relationship with this honda B75 4 stroke (2 cylinder) engine was somewhat predestined. I always was confident with 2 stroke outboards...could get them running and keep them running...but I have not had a 4 stroke recreational motor until this girl. It took me a while to figure it out. I was seen frequently leaning over the transom with the cover off and wrench in hand coaxing Jane to behave one time on a collision course in the seaway... But she is a temp solution until I refit the Flye
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