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  1. I was just thinking about this as I was watching the barren Olympics coverage...the huge expensive venues empty....it took stoic resolve for Japan to put the skids on tourism and the influx of money that pays for a fraction of the costs to host. Look to zombie states like Florida where politicians only believe in their own lies and money. They will host "uuuuge" expensive events while a pandemic rages on. But make sure promoters have plenty of funnel cake, deepfried bacon vendors and country music..because the only people who will go are that crowd anyway. Might as well
  2. The deer have been feared...
  3. Zoom meeting to draft manifesto, elect officers... TBA
  4. oh I know why.... Unfortunately it took several loud screams to get the crew to stop pulling on the furling line at midships....while the headsail was flapping wildly.... Beware the desire to pull harder when something is stuck. The spinnaker halyard that exits the top of the line box on the fractional rig sometimes is pressed against the furler collar when it is fixed to the spinnaker loop on the front of the mast.....this being only the 3rd race and the first with full crew, before I could head up into the wind and allow inspection of the jib and spinnaker halyards the bow man
  5. so the fix is a new wire rope....after looking at wire inspection info....seems to be a rather serious failure....to untwist a wire rope to this state....
  6. Is this fixable or does this require a new forestay.... this is a Peason Flyer, fractional rig, about 37 feet of wire rope... Using a Facnor continuous furler....
  7. 2021 UPDATE It is mid-season and Dragonfly has two races under it's belt. Immense satisfying...lots of fun. I changed my mind about racing...it doesn't have to be a shouty shit show for a-holes. It can just be fun to sail with friends and against friends. My goal is to learn, teach others, have good starts and good legs...make good decisions on the course. If we finish well...that is a bonus. Here we are in pre-start sequence trying to be slow on port to harden up for a port tack start. We were 20 seconds late at the line but sailing fast in c
  8. no pins....had them out after tightening up the rig after splash...I tightened them up, by feel mostly and was expecting 5-10 knots for the race but that turned into 15-20...so still need to do a good tuning...and secure those...I do watch... The foil is pretty high on this furler...actually this head sail should have the tack fixed to a shackle under the furler on the deck. I forgot to change it in the confusion getting the main up in 25 knot gusts and running out of room in the harbor...lots of crap went down in the unexpected heavy air as we left the dock. I did some ana
  9. Thanks for all the responses.... Being my first true race boat...these critters are complicated... We did show some speed potential out there though...all in all, despite the not so good results, it was a good showing....wasn't the boat for the most part...bad start and too high on first leg put us in the backseat... "We sailed the boat well...it was just our on course decisions that were bad."
  10. No draft stripes.... Not tried that. Yes....still had a few clicks....and I did not adjust the leech line....will look at that...it was good except FTMP until we got in gusts over 20 knots.... But it is an older sail...so it might be blown out for higher velocity....
  11. so I have this Pearson Flyer....I fixed up last season and I got it out racing this past friday....we did ok...for first time on course with this boat...it was 10-15 with sustained shifty "puffs" of 18-20 and gusts to 25 any who when we were closed hauled with a reef in main...we got a lot of leech flutter in the 110 jib....and we had to significantly fall off to stop it...(one being the shifting wind and the other the higher velocity) We have an inside and outside track for the jib and we were about halfway....on the track...we felt the inside might have been the better choice and t
  12. I was plied with drink by a friendly stranger.
  13. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/boa/d/milwaukee-ranger-22-sailboat-with/7290888522.html This is up the road...Ranger 22....2100 lbs. Has trailer...draft might be a bit tricky for a inland lake... Slip neighbor had a 235. Fast and handy....he sailed it singlehand all the time. He lived on it during the summer. Used porta potti for years on a Hunter 255 they work fine. A little queasy to empty and clean but you can easily dump them into a terrestiral porta-san or regular valve based flush toilet...
  14. I am always watching and looking....if I am buying or not....but I can speak to what is happening locally... Around the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan in particular, the used "cash" boat market was pretty good for sellers. Good meaning you could actually sell a boat. Usually a cash boat 25-30 years old or more could take YEARS to sell....and for "big" boats on the Great lakes (> 40') and older than 20 years (outside of easy financing territory) the market it is still a buyers market. Not a big market of buyers looking for 40' plus boats in the Great Lakes. Storage and dockage of big boats
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