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  1. Amazon Day deal: TicWatch S2. gps, waterproof, Wear OS with access to GooglePlay store for apps... on sale today for $75 https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Smartwatch-Monitoring-Compatible-iOS-Glacier/dp/B0834NK5VL/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=ticwatch&psr=PDAY&qid=1624386352&s=prime-day&sr=1-4
  2. Our club racing is ad-hoc timing on the water, with rotating RC folks. The count starts when the race committee says, and based on their watch, etc. Regattas get more formal and RCs there certainly base on GPS time.
  3. Thanks - good to know, i'll have to look that up. A "renewed" Galaxy SM-R800NZSAXAR looks like might not be too big (but still on the thick side), and comes in at around $135...but is constrained to a Samsung set of android apps. (Will this even work with my Apple-based phone?) Looking for possible smartwatch that uses Google Wear OS - there are a few apps on Google Play that would accomplish this. Fenix, Garmin, Suunto watches still too big for my taste for daily wear (which is my ideal solution). Seeking inexpensive, like under $80 (some 'smartwatches" are down around $35...but have not fo
  4. Looks like the solution may be found with an Android Wear (Google Wear OS) smart watch... Here is a simple race timer that appears to fulfill my desires. Has anyone tried such a thing?
  5. I looked at the Timex and Casio watches. Love the $100+ less price. Several watches 'almost' might work.. but when driving the boat not so timely or easy to look down, change modes, start a timer at the start (or anytime!). Also want a watch I can wear everyday and the Ronstan, Optimum, Fenix, etc at all a bit bulky for my everyday. I see others here have resorted to "learning to code" to accomplish similar with some of the Garmin watches. Perhaps I will end up doing that, too, with one of the humble smart watches such as this Yamay (if users can write apps for these?). Is there no o
  6. I like the Optimum Time OS12r watch for a basic sailing watch, but what I really want is an inexpensive smart watch for everyday wearing that also has a sailing timer app (5 min countdown with beeps for last few seconds, and then automatically starts stopwatch mode to get elapsed time for race). Don't need compass functions, don't need GPS, just this apparently rare timer feature. Does such a thing exist? Been looking looking looking for a few days now here in June 2021.
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