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  1. Hope it's a twin keel. Every good building project needs a proper, stable foundation.
  2. Who knew there was a benefit to sailing a 4ksb?
  3. It wouldn't be for me, either... I'm not the intended audience for that boat. Won't comment on the motorsailor bit, on account of owning a prominent 4ksb, but I've a sailboat more for the act of sailing and not for getting between point A and B, or experiencing what's on land 'tween those parts. I'm also not travelling between ports often. If I had the resources, I still wouldn't be. But someone in the shipping industry, who wanted to see different parts of the world from a boat... that's not a bad option.
  4. I retract that statement. This explains it: The story behind my 39' container yacht is this: I was approached by a long time client wo owns two other large boats, one is my design. He wanted a boat he could ship to any port in the world in a contgainer. His business background is in shipping and he knows that process extremely well. - Bob Perry There's gotta be some other global shipping mogul out there, thinking "I could make that work..."
  5. What sort of mindset does a person have to be in to buy a sailboat based on the box it'll fit in? Sure, it makes sense to have it delivered, brand new, out of the box (heh)... but from that point on, I can't see myself putting it back in the box.
  6. Ex-wife left me with all four cats, and they run the gamut. One's a daddy's boy, instant love for me since he was a kitten. Out of the other three: One's an arse. Only wants attention when I'm vulnerable: in the bathroom or in bed. Otherwise, I'm a nuisance at best. He's the type of cat that will sit at your feet patiently for an hour or two, then spontaneously bite one of your toes hard. One's vocal, wanders around the house yowling when he wants food, or God knows what else. We don't see eye to eye most days. The last just wants to be left alone and watch the world go by.
  7. Takes special circumstances and effort (or simply a long, long time) to earn the love of cat and be elevated above the level of simple staff in their eyes. Dogs are so much easier.
  8. There's a sucker born every minute.
  9. General yacht club, and I'm the only actual member with a sailboat. Club also offers up storage to the public, as well as seasonal dockage; a few of those are sailboats. I can't help but expect the location on the river is the primary reason we don't have many sailboats. There are air draft limitations in both directions, either bridges or locks with catwalks.
  10. Count me in as a satisfied club member: $1k membership initiation fee; ~$440 yearly dues; winter storage & summer dockage $1,050 for the first year, $850 for the second, $650 for every year afterwards. Assuming a person's been in for three or more years, ~$1,000 for a season isn't bad, even if it's a short Upstate NY season. Got some members who keep a place in Florida and do the snowbird bit; that grand wouldn't likely cover a month's rent nearby. I hear the club's full for the first time in a long time this season, for what that's worth.
  11. There's a lot of shiny on that boat. Shiny means fettlin'. Not that I want to put words in his mouth, but I don't think Dylan likes fettlin' for the sake of shiny.
  12. I ride a Honda cruiser, stock exhaust. I've had friends on their porch call out a greeting as I passed by; I've been able to reply back. If I'm in a situation where I needed loud pipes to save me from a four wheeler, I likely put myself in that situation and there's something I could have done to prevent it. Idiots, the lot of them... all trying to kill me. Can't say I've ran across any wakeboarders on the river so far. Local water ski group has ran into problems with law enforcement in the past, swamping paddlecraft and claiming ownership of the river. Local schools have crew teams... mo
  13. I figure mine's gotta be worth more: I've cleaned the leaves and trash out of the cockpit. If someone was gonna try selling off a $30k car, do y'all think they'd clean the old fast food bags out of it first?
  14. I've got height restrictions in either direction out of my slip, and I've been debating whether to keep the mast up while I'm tied up or down. That's assuming I get a reliable method to raise/lower it while it's on the water. After partaking of this thread, I'm having serious second doubts of establishing my dominance as the tallest boat in the club by keeping the mast raised while we're tied up. Took a walk around the club grounds tonight after doing an odd job on the boat. Planned on walking the full rounds, but there were a pair of Canadian geese out on the point, with goslings taggin
  15. Erie is 9': https://www.greatloop.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=574480&module_id=192201. Not sure about the Champlain route
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