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  1. £20M?! Can't find anything saying the City of Amsterdam was fined for this year's discharges, but they've been fined in the past. Government grant money has been pouring in by the millions to help them deal with the problem, but the City is being fined in the thousands when a discharge occurs... allegedly talked one $55,000 fine down to $5,000, back in 2016. https://www.recordernews.com/news/local-news/72954
  2. I don't think the entirety of the marinas and yacht clubs on my section of the Mohawk River could ever catch up to Amsterdam's discharge (they're up river a bit from us), unplanned or otherwise: https://www.recordernews.com/news/local-news/189913. "Bypass pumps have been operating the West Main Street pump station since the facility suffered a catastrophic pump failure May 1 that dumped approximately 1.1 million gallons of untreated sewage into the river."
  3. What about traditionally kilted fellas? Not a word about twisted bollocks, either... *ouch*
  4. My family's had a few land disputes over the years... been my experience that when the lawyers get hired, the only folk winning are the lawyers.
  5. One of my neighbors got pissed off at the derelict Tylercraft 24' I had sitting in front of the house, so they slapped a sign on it claiming it was blocking the sidewalk and fire hydrant, and signed it with the initials of the local fire department. I called the Chief and confirmed it wasn't them. Week later, I found someone to take the boat. Gave it a couple months, letting the neighbor get their hopes up... then I moved the O'day 19 from out back to out front. Sure, I could've left it out back... but how I get treated as a neighbor is how I return the favor. They can look at it all wint
  6. One of the benefits of growing up as a farm kid. Hauled out on dry ground, it's not comfortable work, but it's not all that hard and doesn't take all that long. Ain't half as bad as animal husbandry. Being in freshwater now, hardly anything grows between the keels anyway... not enough sunlight, even for the scum.
  7. Hey now... my twin keels are perfectly functional, thankyouverymuch. Every year we haul out (I'm the only sailboat in a club full of power boaters), we spend a significant amount of time blocking their keels, adjusting heights, setting up the stands just right. My Centaur? Drop her down on these here four 6" blocks, and get to the next boat, we're done. One little stand up front on the off chance two someones walk up to the bow at the same time. Some day, when I'm off this godfersakin' river and in proper Northeast US tidal zones, I'll be able to find a serene hidey-hole with a decent bot
  8. GEICO/BoatUS insures my 1969 Westerly Centaur. First two years of coverage was under a "Agreed Upon Hull Value" of $2,300 with a $500 vanishing deductible, $500k liability (maxed out), at ~$320 a year. I let them have it for the two years, then switched out to a liability only for ~$80 a year, as of a month ago. I can't find a replacement 26' 4ksb in my area for $2,300, so I'm better off saving up my pennies.
  9. I wasn't keen on the theory until this little thing called ulcerative colitis came in to my life. The bidet has been saving my butt ever since. It also benefits the ladies... I've been told that it's very refreshing after certain activities, easing the "friction burns".
  10. Tie that into a sensor in the holding tank, and make it glow red when the tank's above a certain level. Once the others on the boat get used to it, wire in a hidden switch to override it. Flip the switch, then declare everyone's gotta hang overboard. Problem solved!
  11. At the risk of taking the thread further off topic, I disagree with item #2. My family had a few rough years during my childhood... dirt poor rough. If it hadn't been for my parent's long barrels, we'd have starved. The deer (and one porcupine, long story that) we took kept us fed. It could be argued that the guns could have been replaced by bow, but that's just kicking the can down the road.
  12. I'd like to replace the traditional head in my Centaur with a dessicating/composting head. I can deal with semi-dried shit a lot better than liquid shit, and I'd rather not deal with the plumbing issues inherent with a traditional head. I just haven't found a way to incorporate a bidet yet, though. Mixing poo water into the urine holding "tank" isn't good. Adding moisture to the solids tank isn't good. I've seen recommendations to move to wet wipes instead, but it seems like a half-arsed solution.
  13. Found a new channel. I'll follow these folk: They're in a Westerly Centaur; they're on my side of the Atlantic; two folk living on a 26' boat. What's not to like? Oh, for the love of... not even a minute into the second episode, they've already broken out the Great Stuff spray foam.
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