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  1. I'll add to MarcJSmith's words: after each goal, give yourself a reward. My first goal was to make sure my boat kept the rain water out while she was on the hard. My reward: sitting in the cabin during a thunderstorm with a good book, tobacco pipe, and a good stout. Second: Make sure she kept the water out when she was put in, and she could power herself around the local river. Reward: puttering up and down the river. Fellow club members may have given her a nickname of Patches, but they're a bunch of stinkboaters, and who cares what they think. Third: Paint. Reward: No more "Patches
  2. Origo made a "real oven", too... the Origo 6000. Obviously no longer in production. Comes up on eBay every so often, US$1,000 or so. The oven itself works off a canister system like the stove does. I've been keeping an eye out for one locally (shipping one has got to be a PITA), but I'm not keeping my hopes up. I might have to learn to bake my bread in a dutch oven instead.
  3. I learned I can drive an insurance rep crazy with a state issued HIN...
  4. Selkirk? You were in my neck of the woods. Wait... you're one of those New Jersey drivers, aren't you? *squinty eyed look of suspicion*
  5. Likely so. As is now, it's got a nice grippy texture. Durable, too. May not look as pretty as a smooth deck with anti-skid paint, but I'm not horribly concerned by it. Folk want to judge me by it, I'm happy to give them something to judge .
  6. Continuing the slow steady slog to get my Centaur in the condition I want her to be in. I fabbed up a quick and dirty hatch garage last year, and got her into the water. Made sure she floated and didn't take on more water through the topsides. This year, I expect to order a professional hatch garage, shipped over from the UK. Should have thought about owning a British built boat on this side of The Pond, but hey... it's only money, right? It'll cost me just as much for shipping as it will for the garage. I'll be replacing a thruhull and ball valve on the intake for the head, then new pain
  7. Huh. Geico insured my '69 Westerly Centaur. Didn't bat an eye at it, other than wanting to argue over the state issued HIN. 'Course, I also quoted them the actual purchase price ($500), and didn't balk at their $320 a year. I'm probably overpaying, but the liability insurance got me into a slip, and that's less money gone than taking a fine lady out to dinner once a month.
  8. I gotta agree with you: teak decks are beautiful... on Someone Else's Boat. I do so love looking at other people's boats, and admiring them from afar. My boat? Some prior owner laid down heavy fiberglass, without filling the weave completely, then painted over it. Makes it look like a work boat, but it's a great platform to admire other people's boats from.
  9. Another thinly disguised "I'm not going to pay someone to take it away for me" $1 boat: https://albany.craigslist.org/boa/d/stillwater-mid-life-crisis-boat/7297035584.html Aching to take your 18 year old girlfriend out sailing? You have come to the right place. This beauty was once owned by Captain Rehab. She has sailed the seven seas and then some. Lots of room onboard for "activities" Has an atomic 4 that hasn't run in years, but has a set of sails that I have never taken out of the bag. Boat is complete except for alcohol provisioning and 18 year old girlfriend. Don't miss this wo
  10. "If you want a boat maintenance free, this is your boat":
  11. I do believe I'm a simple man with simple tastes: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/westerly-fulmar-3728195/ Can't seem to get a direct URL of a photo of it, so the link will have to do. '86 Westerly Fulmar. As much as I love my current Centaur, the extra 6' would be welcome. Not so sure about the hard dodger, and I do notice a distinct lack of headliner in the photos (can only imagine it's sagging)... but if I had enough money handed to me tomorrow to do what I want, how I want, when I want... I'd be seeing about getting that boat to this side of the Atlantic and moving onto it, afte
  12. I'm just a newb, but I'm pretty sure what it is, is aground. (someone had to say it, and I'm a little disappointed that we had to get all the way down to here for it to be said. Sheesh.)
  13. Some local stores will deliver bagged, at a price that makes me willing to drive over to pick them up. Local delivery is awkward, too, thanks to my not having a private driveway. I've thought about setting up storage in my basement, but it gets fairly humid down there... also, it's rather awkward to carry back up from the basement. Besides, carting them from the truck to the shed, then the shed to the house makes for good exercise. Some folk pay to go to the gym, I hear...
  14. You have pellets in April? You lucky dog. I can burn through three tons easy in a winter. I'm usually left hunting from store to store in March, scrounging up enough bags to keep me through. My Tacoma only hauls half a ton at a time. Keep telling myself that I'll pick up a bigger truck at some point, but that cuts into the boat money. Can't have that happening.
  15. Ain't that vent in the v-berth? What're the chances it's just a fan port? My ex-wife couldn't sleep unless a fan was moving air nearby, and I can see her demanding a hole in the deck in lieu of one mounted to the bulkhead.
  16. I'd say I'm left speechless, but the words that just left my mouth aren't fit for polite company. Hard decision to be made, and I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to make it. If I ever hit it big and have someone working on my boat other than me, you'll be the first one to know about it. I'll keep an eye out on WoA, too... shipping from the UK over to the States ain't so bad, and I might be able to afford a bit or two.
  17. I've got a similar issue with my Centaur; height restrictions in either direction of the Erie Canal, preventing me from raising the mast. Westbound? May as well not raise it 'til I get to Oswego or Buffalo (I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque). Got 20 miles of motoring east & south before I pass under the last bridge there. 14 meters would be alright for the Centaur; I'm looking at 20 foot restrictions instead. Leaning towards Klacko Spars method of raising/lowering the mast: two A-frames anchored on the foredeck, one acting as a gin pole and the other supporting t
  18. There was this god by the name of Dionysus... I bet he'd approve. (Knew those high school Latin classes would pay off for something...)
  19. My thoughts: Let's do it "proper", I'm in there anyway. I may not be cooking while I'm underway, but being able to heat up a pot of water for coffee or tea is nice. Amazing how a hot beverage can cheer a person up. Pot holders are next on the list. The mounts weren't all that expensive and not difficult to install. If I don't like them, I can remove them easily enough. Now that I've gotten around the idea of increasing the space for the dish storage by a minimal amount, any space taken up by the gimbals would just be empty space if I were to remove them. I'm not modifying t
  20. Reasonable policing would have been "Hey boys, there's a pandemic going on. You're mile and a half inside the border. We really don't want to be dealing with the possibility that you might be contagious, so why don't y'all just point your bow off that aways and see yourselves out of our territory? Oh, and don't let us catch you in here again, otherwise we'll have to make an example out of you." Compare and contrast that with: "Yeah, we're in the middle of a pandemic, and we're so concerned about it that we're going to haul you back to port, impound your boat, arrest you, force you into a
  21. Sanded it down, glued one small crack, filled in a bunch of the existing seams with melted beeswax, scraped off the excess, then gave it a few coats of warmed up butcher block conditioner. Looking good now!
  22. Doesn't help that they involve these big honkin' chunks of pointy glass overhead, with (on mine) eight equally pointy and likely sharper bits of bolts. I've a bald head. Those pointy bits are like mythical sirens, demanding my blood sacrifice on a regular basis. Sure, I can cover those bolts easily enough... but there's still this design feature leaving the presence of a heavy glass edge, just waiting for the opportunity to present itself... @Oceanconcepts: I've got a couple sitting on my dining room table now, partially cleaned up. I ought to throw them up on eBay and let you have at 'em
  23. I saw this: And it'd scare me away. My Centaur had two of these up on the v-berth, and while a noble idea before the invention of low draw LEDs, they were leaking like a sieve. There's a huge gap to be filled with goop 'tween the prism and the mount, and the mounting bolts were corroded away. I could see myself chasing leaks forever, so I took them both out and fiberglassed over the holes (new core, too). Done properly (overdrilled and backfilled with epoxy), I suppose they might be alright, but how many owners did so, and introduced wet core later on? Besides, while it does le
  24. I'm not usually a fan of watching horror movies, but I might make an exception for this one. Obligatory Patreon link showed up on the second episode (what self restraint they show!).
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