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  1. Interesting dinner conversation on the topic. Tax Income or tax consumption.. My children ( late 2os early 30s) world travellers, college education,, both said "Tax consumption" they did not hesitate when they said it . if I use it charge me, if i dont use it dont make me pay for it.. interesting POV from the future.
  2. as a TC shareholder and as an Ontario resident, I'm really concerned... TC energy ( former trans-Canada pipelines) was the same outfit that screwed Ontario tax payers in the gas plant fiasco. ( did not hurt my stock, but as an ontario tax payer it hurt me,, millions out of the budget for roads and other things that matter to residents) TCE also owns the Bruce nuclear plant. Ontario "Guarantees" the minimum hydro rate. SO who pays for the hydro to pump up the water?? Ontario tax payers or TCenergy shareholders.. Zero net gain business models do not work for shareholders or taxpayers
  3. J24 class website has lots for sale, but if you have lots of time and $$ the math does not matter. But, in your budget the $$ you spend now wont have any ROI.. its a big minus. The budget the 5184 but together will have a street value of 35-45% in 3 years (or there abouts). Time on the water is way better then time on the hard working on a boat. using todays money on yesterdays technology, for tomorrow does not validate. >> Fast forward, 7 years from now, Which program makes sense?, showing off an older girl who looks pretty.. or showing off a younger girl? take a look at thi
  4. Freeman cup was wednesday night... looked like a wet cold drifter.. yuk no results posted on YS as of noon Thursday.(
  5. thread is weak,,, nothing on 300, levels or Lyra, LORC... I guess everyone is too busy racing ( or not)
  6. More iformation on the J24 Canadians 2011 J24 Canadian Championships Welcome! Three weeks from now Port Credit Yacht Club will be hosting the 2011 J24 Canadian Championships. Boat and sail measurements will take place July 6th and 7th with the first practice race occurring the evening of Thursday July 7th. The first full day of racing will be July 8th and will run through the weekend until Sunday July 10th. More information can be found on the web site: http://j24canadians2011.wordpress.com/ We have a great BBQ planned for the Thursday night practice race put on by our own Rossi Milev
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