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  1. Duncanson PS8 or Stealth 8m But you just gotta find one
  2. Either way, campaigning a 40 is in the hundreds of thousands as an IMOCA is in the millions, mind boggling for a hobby! I wonder if a comparable 30fter (the "dead" Classe 950?) is 1/10th the cost of a campaigning a 40... and a mini (6.5) 1/10th of THAT...
  3. Meh that just looks like it needs stiffer battens on those lower sections, cheap solve on this boat. What does a batten run on a 125 fter, as much as my cheap Ducati? Psh chump change for these money bags. Is this thing scheduled to race anytime soon?
  4. I don't get it. How do they keep designing these things WITHOUT expecting to hit stuff. Yes they may be heavier, slightly slower, etc etc But F1 cars could also be much faster, but you know, safety and cost... Also PSA, let's stop throwing our trash out everywhere
  5. Thank you! Would love to get a couple made of my past boats but unfortunately there doesn't seem anyone reputable is left... That I can find.
  6. There was a fantastic blog post on some yacht designers' page that I can't seem to recall at the moment (maybe owen clarke?)... Their point was, mainly due to draft limitations?, that it made NO sense to try and make a "fast" monohull larger than ~60ft. You'd be building a multi for anything larger. Although they did conclude, again based on my fantastic memory... that someone would build a large monohull because, well, that's where tradition, "prestige?, and a nice showcase of wealth is. Either way the design is uninspiring for sure. But, it's a "safe" design.
  7. Amen. There is NO replacement for draft. More efficient aspect ratio, more efficient ballast. Unless you can't have draft due to shallow water, more is always better. Case in point, my current 26ft boat has an 8ft carbon keel... and I wish it was 10ft! Maybe when you build my next boat Jim we can increase it
  8. The Farr 40 (TEAM OLD SALTS) might be the fastest entry for the light winds of the summer. Although like in the R2AK, the fastest boat rarely wins. However my money is on the custom designed cat, the 26ft Turn Point Design if the double handed team can push hard and keep it together. With that narrow beam it doesn't need much to fly a hull, but the limiting factor may be their shorthanded-ness. Interested to see how the Tris do, but I wouldn't hold my breath except for maybe the C31.
  9. Out of curiosity, what does one of these half hull run? Just a ballpark estimate. In case I want to add it to my christmas list.
  10. Oh yeah, and this. Don't build your own boat. At least not yet. You're gonna need WAY more $$$ than you probably have, unless you're a bitcoin millionaire. Im being very honest, I promise, I was in the same mindset as you were not too long ago.
  11. 8ft retractable keel with an 8ft beam which "unfolds" to 11ft, and I can tow this boat with any half decent SUV. It's very possible to have both performance and transportability, just need a little imagination... Now whether or not you need to be towing an "ocean" racer around all the time, I'm not so sure. But a coastal racer? Sure.
  12. SPEED You'd think they would be selling some other features of the boat... Any other feature really...
  13. Holy cow that rig is tiny. A hard chined melges with half the sail and twice the weight? It was blowing out there in that video. Of course if it's cheap enough, may just make sense. Otherwise just buy a J80 and go faster...
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