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  1. Would have been nice if they’d kept these in ETNZ livery. The idea of the tie-up with the Explore Group, apparently, was so that if ETNZ needed to entertain any sponsors or guests, then they could go for a sail on one of these yachts to get the ‘real’ experience, without ETNZ having to put their own boat in the water!
  2. Just spotted this pic on sail-world.com The ETNZ base in Valencia... three years after the 32nd America’s Cup... and sitting forlornly on the hard... NZL-38, rebranded as Black Magic II. She’s now back in Auckland these days, shrink wrapped in white plastic at the YDL yard in Hobsonville. I’ve said it before, but I think it’s a shame. She set the platform for NZL-32, and probably deserves more recognition. Would love to see her down at the Viaduct too.
  3. Great pic 1995! Hope you don’t mind that I got a bit arty with it
  4. Was just reading an old NY Times article from 2013... talking about the fates of USA17 and Alinghi5. Seems Ernesto dumped his catamaran on Valencia under the guise of a ‘gift’ to the city!!
  5. Stills taken from here: Guess they could just be approximations.
  6. It’s not this old display/tourist boat, is it? Just with all the livery stripped off
  7. But you know Miffy, I think that’s just it. I know that I - and many others on this forum - ARE invested in the hulls! Yes we’re a bit obsessive (!) but we rode the fortunes of those boats for days/weeks/months on end. We know the team members, but it’s the boat which is the most visible entity. I went to San Francisco for the ill-fated 2013 event... in the end it was a losing boat, on the wrong side of an extraordinary comeback. But I’ve never seen anything like those AC72s before, and it sticks in the memory.
  8. I was interested in these stills from the 7-minute AC75 video which was released this week by America’s Cup Events. Dan Bernasconi was saying that one of the big decisions is whether your crew, or indeed how MANY of your crew, will switch from windward to leeward after a tack. Do these pics suggest that INEOS’s crew - operating in longer thinner trenches and with a flatter transom - are swapping sides? I haven’t watched a lot of their videos, to be fair. Any more knowledgeable thoughts than mine welcome!
  9. Yup it’s 38. Here’s some older pics to contrast with: 38, with some dodgy ‘Black Magic 2’ livery in Valencia And then the shrink-wrapped boat at the Tank Farm (before being moved to YDL). You can just make out the fern under the wrapping. (Apologies... I know we’re sorta in the wrong thread for this discussion)
  10. They were modified, and I think 57 was sold to a French AC team (Areva?). Don’t know what happened to her. I’m still interested in 38. She did a lot of hard work in 95... and is now shrink-wrapped doing nothing. Wonder if she’s still seaworthy?
  11. Noooo... 60 was stored at YDL, along with 38, 84, and 92. That pic is from a while ago.
  12. Not THAT well wrapped up! That’s NZL38 which is completely plastic wrapped..... 60 looks like someone’s thrown a blanket over the cockpit. As for 84 and 92..... I think they’ve previously been described here as ‘toast’.
  13. Awww brilliant. And I saw a vid yesterday which showed the keel, complete with 2000-era flames! (I’m guessing it’ll be a fake keel, like NZL-32s at the Maritime Museum?)
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