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  1. looks good. Now you got an Olson 42 or there abouts.
  2. i got a SH HX890NB to meet the dsc/gps requirements for races. I have been happy with it. Not a lot of time on a charge but no other complaints.
  3. I went to all constrictors on my j35 and love them. The crew got used to them soon enough. They all like them more then normal clutches now.
  4. maybe you should suit up and clean the bottom from time to time... or buy your own boat?
  5. I like to relate the USCG-A to local volunteer cops. These people think we need more cops around. They care about the rules a lot.
  6. ^ indeed. You got to get the type with the big loop off of the back so you can grab them with a boat hook. That said, I never had to fish one of my kids out of the drink. A few close calls however.
  7. and I can confirm that it is 2.36. That is what I have on my 3 GMD and have seen them on lots of other 20ish hp yanmars.
  8. So sad. Condolences to all all who knew him.
  9. After sailing in both locations and living in San Diego for 7 months a few years ago, I would pick Annapolis.
  10. that cat needs to relax and just have a friendly discussion with the offending rc... This is weeknight racing, bruh. Nothing is fucked, here, man.
  11. ^ +1. Getting out is better then making everything perfect. Looks like a great day to be on the water.
  12. going thru it would be faster. I did see someone do that last weekend. He had a better wheel for it. I had not even thought of that as an option till I watched duck thru it. Great way to adapt.
  13. I cruise my boat (j35) without a roller. I only anchor out about 4-7 days a year so this is not that big of deal. I use a SS carabiner clipped to my bow to run the rode thru. When I hit the chain, I unclip the last of the nylon and just lift the rest of it out setting it down on the deck gently. This has worked well for me. Being slow and methodical thru the process helps a great deal. I also have a raceyish anchor/rode, FX16 and only 17.5ft of chain so no heavy stuff.
  14. my rudder just gently rubs into the hull. The top of the rudder is rounded enough and the point of contact is flat enough that it barely even leaves a mark in the bottom paint where it makes contact and builds resistance and just stops the rudder. The bottom paint that it does make contact is also above the normal waterline. I will be interested in seeing the photo. I should note that I am not in the habit of jamming my rudder into the hull, just the couple of times that it has happened over the last 9 years, it does not damage anything.
  15. The stops on my boat is where the aft top end of the rudder makes contact with the hull on each side. The rudder swings about 45 degs Port/Stbd from being dead fwd and aft. Seems to work just fine like that even when the tiller got out of hand backing down once or twice and slammed someone around. I would not mind seeing some pictures of the stops as it sound interesting.
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