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  1. If it had to happen, better now than at Point Nemo. He ain’t going into the Southern Ocean with a band-aid repair, even if it can be repaired. Game over.
  2. Running a deep angle gives a better post-Theta course into the trade winds. Short-term pain for long-term gain. So long as nothing breaks.
  3. Theta is a great name for this storm system. In the financial markets “Theta” is one of the first level greek calculations of the Options world. It refers to ‘Time’, and specifically ‘Time decay’. The closer to option expiry, the greater the time decay. The euphemism is ‘Tooth’, because the symbol is ‘T’ and matches the well known term “Tooth decay”. Anyway, Theta = Time decay. Miss the slingshot from this system and that’s what will happen to the fleet.
  4. Credit where credit is due - The J/121's have had some great wins lately. Once they are in their element offshore, the boat has picked up some good silverware in a number of races. Well done.
  5. Gotta ask - Looking through the final results of BIRW, the late model J/Boats had their asses handed to them. I've no idea of conditions over the full course of the event. ORC2 saw all J/121's at the bottom of the pile, beaten by: 1. Ker 11.5 2. J/122 3. J/122 4. X-41 The 121's were often beaten on the water as well on corrected. Even the longer race was marginal. What's gone wrong there? PHRF2 saw the stacked J/99 easily behind: 1. Farr 30 2. Farr 30 3. Carrera 280 Both of these must be 20 year old designs. Not ragging on these boats, just trying to und
  6. Despite the controversy, it was a great race on many levels. Close results across almost every division with not much greater than 60mins separating any 1st and 2nd placing. Not to mention the strong results by WOX and Grace O’Malley, putting 2 female skippers in the top 10 overall, with obviously WOX being an all female crew. The sport is alive and well. Alas, if only WOXI, BJ and RC knew the rules and how to conduct themselves accordingly, the sport would be better for it.
  7. He’d better brush up on his definitions. If it goes to the PC, it’s not looking good on the defence front. Flippant, throw away comments in the public domain are costly. RYA Race Management Guide 2017–2020: 1.4. TERMINOLOGY ‘Shall’ - mandatory action ‘Will’ - intended action ‘Should’ - best endeavours ‘May’ - optional action
  8. Looks like the 2nd start line was quite animated.
  9. I can't believe no one has posted this yet - "The one the front fell off?"
  10. Gutted for her. Susie is unharmed at least. No other option but to hang tight and wait for a rescue.....from someone. She's close to Point Nemo. Only a few degrees out. What a cl@sterf@ck this "race" has developed into.
  11. That's some bucket list world tour they have planned. Good on them for having a crack at the highest levels of ocean racing.
  12. http://www.batliv.se/2018/07/27/j-boats-presenterar-ny-99-m-bat/ Here’s more info beyond the teaser. NB - Optional water ballast.
  13. Interesting. Nice. Like. It sits nicely between the LOA of the J/88 and J/111. The interior here doesn't look completely stripped out, in fact the saloon looks almost comfortable! The hull design appears very different to J/boats most recent releases in the J/70, J/88 or J/112E. Maybe a broader transom and potentially stickier in the light airs. However, in the released renderings, the J/99 looks more like a Sunfast 3600 which shares: - Fixed prodder - Twin rudders - Tiller (which a short handed 33ft racing yacht should have!) - Chines extending full length -
  14. As per the OD rules - The A3 is legal if cut to the following dinensions. However, note that boats are allowed to use only one gennaker per event. That makes it a strategic decision. If W/L, then the A2 is obviously superior. If reaching conditions, then clearly the A3 can sail better at higher AWAs but will still sail well if going deep at points on the course and not give up too much ground relative to an A2 in my experience with it. We rarely use our A3 reacher but I’ve talked myself into it. We should use it more. Once we have the wind on the beam with the A2, we are overpressed. The
  15. And that foredeck looks like an off-camber ice skating rink. No lifelines forward. Granted there's a spinnaker takedown line but who's setting and dropping the jib, which from the renderings appears to be hanked on, so someone will need to go forward? An interesting development overall. Good on them for pushing the production boat envelope.
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