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  1. Thanks everyone, the update.... It is an older model with no bearings but some brass/bronze bushings in place of bearings. It is at a machine shop being pressed out and they are making new bushings. Still may be cheaper than finding another used one here in Hampton, Va. We will see. Another task getting marked off on the Luder 44 restoration
  2. sprayed some pb blaster in the grease holes, no bolts sheared off in the disassembly. Thanks everyone for the input, keep em coming. Ill try anything.
  3. Thanks Welder, There was a pin through the shaft and sprocket section. There does not appear to be any set screws located anywhere that I have missed. It looks alot like a 335 but there are some minor differences as well couldnt find any nylon lock washers to align and the typical V is a 0. Also watched the video you linked always a fun deep breath when goin through or under a bridge. The bearings and shaft may just be frozen and corroded in place but we will see after I play with some heat and beat.
  4. The people who had the boat before me tried to use a tapered wheel instead of a strait 1"hub by using that rusty bearing and crainking on the nut... Haven't broken it off the shaft yet. The Collar I am unfamiliar with as well but appears to be removable. I haven't located any set screws in the bronze sprocket piece but will look again in the morning. thanks for your reply!
  5. Howdy all , I have a pedestal that is 28" tall, aluminum and was pulled off a 1963 luder 44. The pedestal is stamped 1985. And has A "0" stamped on the sprocket section. First question: How do you remove the shaft to replace the bearings Second question: where do I get replacement bearings? The shaft has a lot of play in it due to the bearings but wont budge as is. There has to be a keyway, locknut or washer or something. Or I need to break out the torch and sledgehammer Let me know what you all think. Note:
  6. When I got Alert it weighed 26,250 after 5-6 truckloads of wood and add ons removed it weighs around 22100. Not sure on the sail displacement. Getting some quotes from all over for new main and mizzen. Foresails will be used for a while. Anyone got a hank on foresail sitting around collecting mold?
  7. I will work on the rum keg, and uploading interior shots. I have run into many ex crew and logs. It's truly awe inspiring to hear some of the stories. Unfortunately some of the many modifications made were removal of the bowsprint, stern pulpit and stanchions. I will be welding up my own along with a bow anchor cradle, eventually. Ha. Thanks for the responses, ive got my eyes oUT for any and all used sails. Keeping the hank on.
  8. Well it's time to ask the group for help- Back in March I traded two motorcycles and a handle of rum half finished to two pirates for a 47' sailboat that had been heavily modified. After haulout, sanding and new paint it was realized it is the 1963 Luders 44 yawl named the Alert that served as an Academy trainer and racer for years. I am working on getting pictures posted to imgur and will include the link with more pics once finished but here is a start. Traded Rum and Motorcycles for a US Navy Academy Yawl https://imgur.com/gallery/KiGJ6 My crew and I busted it back to th
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