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  1. The previous half owner quit paying for the slip and he's in need of a new "half" owner asap. Guy comes with the boat, he'll live in it and "look" after it while the "half" owner gets the privilege of paying for it.
  2. Banks stop giving those easy loans and the prices will take a dive.
  3. The other problem is that loads of Republicans think there are more of them than democrats in the US, the "silent" majority. That democrats only win due to illegal voting and that's the reason sanctuary cities exist...people to cast those illegal votes. It's the messaging, the media consumed and the idiots themselves. The thing is it's easy to change their minds all it requires is some sneaky targeted advertising. It needs to be sold to them with something like how no illegal would vote through the app due to ID and biometric requirements, they will get their representatives demanding it'
  4. You guys are stuck in the past. How many of you access your phone via your fingerprint or face ID? Have an app like the banking apps to vote, biometrically authenticated. Paper ballots at polling stations for those who want and a way to get a printout of your vote, a receipt at the voting station/online. There should be multiple options and it should be much much easier.
  5. Non-Hispanic Whites make up 60.7% of the country's population. Of that about ~ 31% are men? (Aren't there supposed to be more women? Must be using the 73%) So guess the graph's right.
  6. For almost half the country that rant would be a positive. They would rather give them work than some "slimy liberal."
  7. Incel is short for "involuntary celibate", they don't claim that it's a choice but instead blame their celibacy on women.
  8. "Scott did have a gun during his part of the robberies. But he didn't shoot his firearm. No one was physically hurt. Nevertheless, he got half a century in prison." Why did he carry that gun, to protect himself if anyone got offended at the robbery and tried to stop him? Stupid Scott should have sold drugs to millions, made his billions while killing thousands, he'd be scot-free.
  9. So has she seized power and turned NZ communist yet?
  10. The actual reason that students from India and China tend to excel when they get into good institutions is the competition. Just the sheer amount of applicants for the tiny number of seats means the kids that get in are already hardworking and brilliant, traits that help them excel in most fields. Out of these, the cream then tend to emigrate or are offered scholarships to do so to the top institutions in the world. The institutions get the benefit of having brilliant alumni who they can take credit for while having the reflected glory shine off on their paying students and these students
  11. VhmSays


    What would @Dogbe without hypocrisy.
  12. VhmSays


    During the time he was in office I usually referred to him as the POTUS or trump. But... He is a horrid human not worthy of holding any public office. Respect for the institution doesn't mean ignoring the POS trying to pass of as a human who had somehow occupied it and respecting him. I get why he was referred to as "shitstain" and I endorse the message.
  13. VhmSays


    BD has lectured us on the proper ways of addressing office bearers and the respect for the office but it came off to me as a bit of pontificating. He followed through and did his example bit, occasionally posting about it to encourage others to follow his behavior but somehow shitstain fit better.
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