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  1. Got this from a Gatez's Twitter thread...
  2. You can do your banking and other financial transactions on your phone. The device is tied to you, register it, use 2f authentication to vote. Participation will go up and people will be more involved and better informed if all the details on what and who is provided via an app. Move into the 21st century.
  3. @Bus Driver hope you stay asymptomatic and do keep checking in to let us know you're still alive.
  4. Lots of media attention on that group, have to go by the books...
  5. The US has been politically active in Ukraine since its independence. Now Russia see a way to get rid of the thorn and any excuse will do. Times have changed, Russia has got better at propaganda, it borders Ukraine, is much richer the Ukraine kind of like Mexico and US. Not everyone but many want to join willingly, some will be OK with it while others especially those towards Hungary want to remain independent or in Europe. There are quite a lot of pro Russian Ukrainians and movements, the largest ethnic minority is Russian and the Russian church is also a part of the equation. The U
  6. Would the US be OK with Russian Military bases and hardware pointed towards US in Mexico and Canada? That's analogous to what's happening and was planned by NATO/US. Trying to fucking provoke a war.
  7. In 2008, NATO — an American-led alliance explicitly created to counter the Soviet Union — promised membership to two former Soviet republics, Ukraine and Georgia, but without specifying when or how. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/08/world/europe/nato-ukraine-russia-dilemma.html
  8. https://www.unz.com/estriker/national-justice-investigates-rising-republican-party-influencers-got-their-start-at-talent-agency-run-by-israeli-pornographer/ Shafrir made his fortune in the 1990s through Amtec Audiotext, a highly lucrative phone sex service that Israeli criminals battled for ownership of until the FBI intervened on Ami's behalf. Shafrir and his wife also ran pornography websites such as the defunct DreamFaktory.com, according to court documents obtained by National Justice. Using money from his phone sex and porn sites, Shafrir was able to help start a number of onlin
  9. That only applies to the peasants.
  10. Can't change what's already done, it's more of what's happening now and the habitat destruction going on. I realize that billions need to be fed but still there are sustainable ways to do it and for countries that have led the world down this path to encourage sustainability. Kids are going to have it bad.
  11. But they sure showed how it should be done and now cry foul when other developing nations do a fraction (per capita) what the developed have done in the past. We got ours, fuck you for trying to take yours, that's for our future generations...
  12. You sailors must know about the industrialized deep sea fishing fleets of China strip fishing the sea? It's horrible.
  13. Doesn't matter, I went down this rabbit hole sometime back and came away with the conclusion that biological males should not compete with biological females in physically demanding sports. Where brain/skill is paramount sure but where brawn is the main factor even a mediocre male will break records set by females. That's what's happening now, male athletes past their prime are coming out as trans, breaking world records and pocketing prizes they never could have achieved if male. It's career extension, money and fame. Females athletes are getting shafted.
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