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  1. Rooting for the singularity to bobiverse around. How do you know you are not in a simulation?
  2. Mind sharing which ones? You can say no if you think I'm prying but I'd genuinely like know so that I can remind you of your fascist authoritarian leanings for the rest of your posting days every time you post something I don't like.
  3. 20. The way the Qs are framed leave little room for me to pick anything but the highest or lowest score. What I'd like to know is which Qs did you all scale anything other than the highest or lowest.
  4. Hinduism is pretty tolerant. Apasmara ought to be subdued not destroyed to retain the value of knowledge. Someday when we figure out how to upload years of distilled experience into our brains he will be killed, the value of working and putting years of effort into mastering a subject or craft will fade as we install knowledge like we install apps on our phones and new subjects and experiences will be tailored by AIs or poor grunts for the rest of humanity. That is if we survive this age, where ideology trumps science, where education and learning are looked down on like it's propaganda f
  5. You could market it via infowars... use to hammer out the democrats insidious subliminal messaging from your head. You never know could catch on with the redhats.
  6. It's going to happen. A lot of this antivax sentiment is going to percolate to other vaccines and medical advice. It's a good time to invest in companies making herbal and other "alternative" products.
  7. So many questions... What happens if the property owner spots you and gets irate? Doesn't want you trampling his garden or scaring his kids/pets and is hindering you ? Are you allowed to shoot them down on their own property? What if he's a 2Aer and after seeing you jump his fence with an AR starts shooting/sniping. These auditors ought to do some of that, that way we might get audits of stand your ground laws or those dealing with shooting trespassers too. We demand answers. For a couple of hundred a bot army can be made to comment and suggest this course of action to the youtu
  8. One of the lawyers is the hubby of Greta Conway Van Susteren. John P. Coale. What are these lawyers doing taking up a case in a field in which they have no experience?
  9. The problem is that the party of morans will use this as an excuse to stuff loyalists into leadership positions in the military the moment it gets an opportunity. They will also foment division in the institution based on party lines. They really are trying to put in place pieces necessary for a successful coup which the citizens will not be able to overturn.
  10. I still don't get what the lie was? Biden is telling Russia not to meddle in elections cause it's bad and US & allies will punish/stop them if they do so right? Where the fuck does he say US has not/will not meddle? Everyone knows the US carries the white man's burden cause it's the best country in the world ordained by god and whatever it does is in the bestest of interest.
  11. Did you listen to what Biden said or Jimmy's interpretation? "They are not able to dictate what happens in the world as there are other nations of consequence i.e. the US" With the history in perspective Biden is openly stating that only the US gets to do what it wants, other countries trying US tactics will be punished by the US and its allies. What's the lie? BTW remember your guy cowing to Putin and putting down the US, its agencies and folks in front of the world?
  12. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4260316/ Management of patients who refuse blood transfusion
  13. Comedian Blaire Erskine. What does it say about the state of things when most on both sides were taken in.
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