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  1. VID_77760429_075129_892_540x1010.mp4 @Steam Flyer She sails like a dream. Ant told me it was too cold to go out today. Thought about going out two-up yesterday in the snow but we decided having the bolt rope frozen while approaching the dock was a situation worth avoiding. I've had her out three times so far. Second I found the edge of the shoal I was trying to avoid. Got her floating again pretty quickly. Third my port lower decided it didn't like the clevis pin. I heard a pop and saw the ring sitting on the deck. Didn't think to pull the spin halyard to the chainplate but
  2. @Steam Flyer are you in Florida? I'm up here in CT with the boat. Hull #83. I thought I would be able to do a bit more sailing, but it seems the only option is frostbiting and having been out on an ideal 18 I'm not looking to race if I can avoid it for now. I've got the local rigger with 30yrs sailing Etchells looking it over but I think I might pull it down to Florida. I have until late December or so. Local rigger helped someone convert one for cruising and I told him that's where I'm looking. The port-to-port passages, how heavy of a sea state, and how'd she handle? Hobbyhorse m
  3. Any chance you're still in CT? I have an E22 in Easton, looking to sail out of Niantic through Nov. @Steam Flyer is familiar. I'm currently sitting off Rt 66 in Flagstaff waiting for my car to get out of the shop. I've got a job in Antarctica in January and a woman I'm hoping to get back to in NZ in December, but I would be very interested in sitting down to talk. Sorry to read of Al's passing. Also, there's an Aries for $1500 on my way east... any input on that would be great. It's off a Tartan 37? Maybe 34. Originally I was hoping to shake out and look at a passage, but, the woma
  4. @John D I hear you there. I'm now at the Lightning and the Etchells. I'll see how that goes. I've gotta drop $4k+ on a car when I get back too, so my budget and time are going to be limited. I'll be back from October to February, then I'm back down here in Antarctica for 8 months, maybe a year. I'm looking at either putting the Etchells in in CT if my friend hasn't left for USVI, and maybe sailing it around to the Chesapeake if I can find a person or two willing to go with after a few shakedowns, or, the saner, more-rational option, trailering it to Buffalo and just trying to get what I can ou
  5. @Bill5 @TBW @Steam Flyer Greetings from this frozen hellscape, again. I'm back in October. I haven't seen the sun since April 17th, and probably won't see it until early September. I'll be stateside October-Feb hopefully, then back down at 78*S next winter (Feb). I'm back to the Etchells. I still have my lightning, albeit there are several for sale at the price I paid now that are gorgeous. But, $3k for an etchells with VHF, depth finder, gps, compass (lit), running lights, on a trailer and shrink wrapped, re-cored deck. The guy says he'll hold it on his property for me until October
  6. I pulled the data, I was seeing 10kts + the better part of the last 24hrs, gusts to 15. Hard on the wind isnt terrible, quite nice really, but I don't know the boat well enough yet to be comfortable reaching or running. That last 30mi tack was going well before my jib cleat gave out. I was riding 5-10* off for speed, then I would round up in the puffs or surfing to gain some on my bearing. I checked the weather on windy beforehand, too, and saw a system coming up off Roc. The wind backed clockwise as I crossed the lake, giving me a better bearing the closer I got. I met up with a n
  7. Fwiw: maybe I should start another thread. she sailed. I learned a lot. Including to purchase sea tow insurance before I try to do a passage, and to have my plans well-laid with contingencies. Next time I'll know better. I probably could have made the inlet running off to the east again and dousing my jib and shaking out the reefs to come back in upwind before reaching down the inlet under main only. Conditions eased in the early evening, but ten mi out I was close hauled and the port jib cleat gave way. I was a half mile from shore watching 3 footers geyser up rocks in 6-8mph steady
  8. Got the CB out a month or so ago. We built a frame around the boat with some lumber and my dad winched it up with a cargo strap while I tapped the bottom with a 1lb mini-sledge. Right now im sanding the rudder. I've got some fill work to do and id rather not pull out the resin and filler tonight. Is the crack terminal @steamflyer? Should I make a new rudder, with maybe 8" deeper draft? Narrower and deeper would help with reducing pitch under heavy winds while gybing... I've got a bolt-roped main to swap onto the boom and fly loose-footed for reefing. I still need b
  9. @Steam Flyer et al i bought the lightning about a month ago. still in the driveway. i have to get the CB out; it's swollen in with chipped enamel and sea grass. I've gotten it to move, but out hasn't happened. any suggestions? suspend the boat by the CB from a tree or beam with a 10T cargo strap? I put two cans of WD-40 down, pulled the pivot bolt, and got it to drop about 2", but really I have to get it up and out. It's on a trailer. sorry, and thanks. ps SF, yeah, I've gotta figure out how to one-up my lightning. I read some of your old post
  10. Got word back, they won't consider a Lightning, or an Etchells, citing safety, for the Trans-Superior. So, with a head-nod to the spirit of independence and self-determination, looks like I'm on my own for it. Hoping to hear back from the local fleet soon; they have a class starting in April and weekly racing. Logged 85 miles canoeing last week; 15 at flood stage. We went around a strainer through someone's yard. hold fast -j
  11. Soooo, I started this thread after reading Frank Dye's book, Ocean Crossing Wayfarer, and seeing Ant Steward's story on YouTube. I looked at the 110's and 210s and such. Possible options, but the lightning is 30 miles away, the 210 was 500.. I went in DA because I'm looking to cruise a dinghy. If I went with a cabin boat, and hacked it off, I think the Thunderbird would be it, but also checked out J24s. Got some healthy practice capsizing in 45F water today. Not sure why they rotated. Canoeing again tomorrow and hopefully sailing in 2 weeks.
  12. @Steam Flyer I'm back on the hard. the ice was good; I have some Ross Island Yacht Club burgees to fly now. I saw your post on an old thread about lightnings vs thistles single-handed: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/83562-single-handing-thistles-or-lightnings/#comment-2044269 I think I found my boat: https://lancaster.craigslist.org/boa/d/lancaster-19-sailboat/6834861185.html The clock is ticking. I was also elated to find out Ant Steward lives 2 hours away. He said I'm fine to drop by the boatyard sometime. an
  13. It's been a minute, but I haven't let this fade out. I'm down in Antarctica at present; just paid for some burgees from the Ross Island Yacht Club. Hopefully working here until April will pad my pockets enough I can buy a hole in the water when I'm back. Thank you all for the insight. My brain is still humming. Apparently someone raced and E-22 in the '81 OSTAR. I managed to bring down about 10 books on sailing, but I seem to read about 5 pages a week. Pretty busy down here. Science never sleeps, and we supply the fuel to keep them going. -jf 77°51'S, 166°40'E
  14. @Steam Flyer, @WGWarburton, Thanks for the replies, this is why I'm here. SF, I think I must have read your comment on the other thread about it. I saw mention of the sledding. I tried that in my kayak once. I'll keep it under consideration. W, no worries. I think we have CL-16s and Wayfarers. After reading Ocean Crossing Wayfarer in Jan, I was like, "Why not just get a wayfarer instead of a wanderer?" They seem like solid boats, and as Frank Dye proved, the Wayfarer can be put through a lot. These are some friends I work for on occasion and the boat w
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