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  1. It’s promoted as a S2H boat, but will it meet the stability requirements ? Quite a light ballast for the displacement - I guess it passed for previous races.
  2. My rule of thumb for smaller wooden boat projects is that completion of the hull is about 50% of the time to complete. It’s the hardest and most critical part though. We are going to be entertained for some time to come.
  3. I think I can see it in see it in the before and now photos
  4. My rule of thumb for smaller wooden boat building is that the hull is about 30% of the total time - the interior fit out will take ages. Despite this the corner is definitely turned and it will be all “smooth sailing” from that point.
  5. Seems reasonable to me as a sign of respect to the previous incidents : Australian Sailing (AS) Prescriptions and Special Regulations Part 1 Category 6 shall apply, modified as follows: a) Cl 3.12 Pulpits, Stanchions and Lifelines for Category 4 shall apply. b) Cl 3.14 Toe Rail or Foot-Stop for Category 4 shall apply. c) Cl 3.24.3 through Cl 3.24.9 Engines for Category 5 shall apply. " Compulsory life lines on an Adams 10 is a real pain. Due to the geometry of that particular boat it is really hard to sail well without getting the sheets caught. The stanchions pro
  6. In ten years when he finishes, it will be interesting to see who agrees with you and who sees it as a copy.
  7. Then it would just be a replica and not the original boat won fastnet !
  8. I think it depends on the core and the laminate thickness. There will always be some rotten material left around the edges. Some materials will quarantine the rot and it won’t spread and others will. For my boat the balsa core rotted around deck fittings but doesn’t seems to extend further once you remove the source of the leak. For small areas it worked well and after several years is still solid.
  9. Thats me ! This has been an excellent thread following the routing decisions real time.
  10. Now I’m trying remember if there was story earlier on about him losing a paddle, and not sure if he has it with him anymore.
  11. That’s an interesting point because it looked like captain coconut had been using his D/S for most of the trip when he did a you tube interview on his return.
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