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  1. It’s promoted as a S2H boat, but will it meet the stability requirements ? Quite a light ballast for the displacement - I guess it passed for previous races.
  2. My rule of thumb for smaller wooden boat projects is that completion of the hull is about 50% of the time to complete. It’s the hardest and most critical part though. We are going to be entertained for some time to come.
  3. I think I can see it in see it in the before and now photos
  4. Jade was amazing. She was able to move some very difficult stock. Loved the Mendana campaign.
  5. NoFearr now listed any $129k https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/cookson-12/225424 Out of interest do the Cookson 12’s have cored hulls ? The certificates all say cored, but the brokers list “GRP” . A
  6. PNG is tragic. I’ve worked there. It is a beautiful place, but the violence is random. If that electric fence hurts a local villager you won’t be able to go ashore. I don’t think PNG is for you if this is your leading question.
  7. The waves look like they are breaking on a shalllow bar.
  8. My rule of thumb for smaller wooden boat building is that the hull is about 30% of the total time - the interior fit out will take ages. Despite this the corner is definitely turned and it will be all “smooth sailing” from that point.
  9. Seems reasonable to me as a sign of respect to the previous incidents : Australian Sailing (AS) Prescriptions and Special Regulations Part 1 Category 6 shall apply, modified as follows: a) Cl 3.12 Pulpits, Stanchions and Lifelines for Category 4 shall apply. b) Cl 3.14 Toe Rail or Foot-Stop for Category 4 shall apply. c) Cl 3.24.3 through Cl 3.24.9 Engines for Category 5 shall apply. " Compulsory life lines on an Adams 10 is a real pain. Due to the geometry of that particular boat it is really hard to sail well without getting the sheets caught. The stanchions pro
  10. Go for it. Make sure you have a plan to fund it. Racing any boat is expensive, even an old mini. There is a small two handed scene in Oz, but the rules here are not yet ready for ocean going minis. 3R
  11. It's still a project boat, just one that's half finished. Are spares still available for that motor in the states ? #R
  12. I refer you to this link by Lydia. https://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Sailing/General/Defiance-the-original?page=1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So this is my third timber boat restoration and I recommend everyone do it at least once but like everything there are rules. 1. Pick the boat that is as close as possible to original condition and configuration. The last thing you want is somebody's better idea. With Defiance, I am sure the S&S office knew be
  13. If you take on this monster, after two years those other $20-40K boats will look like a bargain. You just are buying the shell of a hull and a rig. The rest is suspect. It is very hard to take a stuffed boat back to its original condition. I think the soft deck is the deal breaker for me and then there is a risk no matter what the mechanic tells you, that some time in the short future a new engine will be needed. Where I am from boats with defects like that end up selling in the $2-5KAUD range. There is a guy just down from me that picked up a boat like yours a few weeks ago for $1.. k
  14. In ten years when he finishes, it will be interesting to see who agrees with you and who sees it as a copy.
  15. Then it would just be a replica and not the original boat won fastnet !
  16. I think it depends on the core and the laminate thickness. There will always be some rotten material left around the edges. Some materials will quarantine the rot and it won’t spread and others will. For my boat the balsa core rotted around deck fittings but doesn’t seems to extend further once you remove the source of the leak. For small areas it worked well and after several years is still solid.
  17. Exactly, my point being that keelboat vrs trailer sailer costs are not as different as a lot of people might think.
  18. No, but there also is the cost of replacing a corroded trailer every 10 years or so which kind of equals the haul out cost in the long term.
  19. Where I live the annual rental of a hard stand for a trailer sailer is more than a mooring !
  20. Thats me ! This has been an excellent thread following the routing decisions real time.
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