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  1. seems like nices work on it, do you have pics?
  2. If it is ORC, just go to orc.org and make an account to the sailor services. once there "search for certificates" is what you need.
  3. send pics! I have to do this job in the near future, thinking of Interdeck also. Does it need to be primed? THX!
  4. In my never ending refit of the boat I removed 3 bng displays that are in the cockpit and discovered that the gaskets are completely destroyed. The holes are direct to the interior so it needs to be properly sealed. So, what should i use to seal the 3 h2000 displays?
  5. Hello! seems that under heavy rain, some of the bolts that go through the deck are leaking... Deck is some kind of pvc sandwich (orange-brown) that seems not to get wet but.... Should I overdrill and fill with epoxy or something, or just put some 291i and re tighten?
  6. Hi @slug zitski i had to replace the from factory facnor furler in my dads Dufour 34 that we cruise and race. I do not know why I stumbled on the Jibber and fell in love. To the day it is amazing, we have the continuous furling with ratchet, extra $ but an amazing safety feature as it cannot unfurl while operating or when at dock. In sail handling is amazing how all goes down in a second, and you can replace a sail in a matter of 2-3 minutes. About modifying sails we only aded holes (can't remember the term) and made some soft shackles in the all purpose genoa so it can roll pro
  7. I agree, but we are talking about a swan 56, old design with winches in the mast area, not all redirected to cockpit and amateur and "old" crew. And also it will be cruised and daysailed shorthanded/solohanded. Just looking at all options to simplyfy and make easy the handling of the mainsail. Genoas are in an electric reckman furler. Also how does oen reefs in a furling boom?
  8. Hello! Father in law just bought a 1999 Swan 56 and is currently updating the hardware and all. It will race but since he will be sailing always short crewed, or with sailors his age (65) we were thinking about a furling boom mainsail. What do you think and recommend? brands? systems? Thank you!
  9. care to post some pictures about the cable?
  10. Hey, not battery related but ask your doctor or whatever for an alternative to the cpap. I had to use it and it didn't let me sleep, now I use a dental thingy that moves the tongue forward and I do not snore, I do sleep, and I let the wife sleep!
  11. Put some big sandow in the rings to the shrouds and it will not bang the cockpit or deck.
  12. Hi, the electro mechanics don't add drag as they have a clutch that disconnects the system and then you only move the arm but with no resistance For the moment I am thinking on going with a JEFA direct drive as the ones with Ram are to long and I am not willing to move the base. Any experiences?
  13. Hello just as Patrese dit I pointed the issue to Tomo Novak who is also on the seascape team. I have been followint the thread and as a Bene dealer i am really sorry for you! Hope it gets resolved for you Qingdaosog.
  14. I know the possible issues, The think is previous to owning the boat I raced on it and had lots of talk about the AP wit the PO. He was thinking to change the whole system as it was being not reliable, this was 2018. Also i talked with the guy that sailed with us and is BnG dealer and concurred that the ram is not very ok and has been repaired multiple times. So, what do you recommend as subsitute?
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