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  1. replacement with plastic was the idea but with the stock ones i can find in the usual providers im losing lots of capacity and all are rectangular, no one seems to be making trapezoidal ones.... and the custom made is too expensive.. Not a fan of flexible ones as i had to replace several of them in the Archambault40 i sailed some time ago and now on the motorboats i have in the charter company will keep searching thx for replies
  2. We recently bought a 40feeet boat, quite racy that we are transforming in a more cruiser/racer that racer/cruiser actually is. One of the good things the boat already has is 2 massive water tanks under the settees, 150L or so each We did a quick look before buying and now have discovered that they are moldy. Tired to "clean" them with purifiation tablets and bleach but need to be scrubbed so i have them out of the boat and now have some options: - new tanks in fancy plastic same size quoted at 630€ each.... (expensive, very expensive) - some smaller rectangular tanks that f
  3. Boat is already built, like 6 units... https://www.mestralmarineworks.com/pf/mmw-33-custom/
  4. I guess i am afraid of cold and condensation and etc... But duly noted
  5. Thanks all, this is a full crazy DYI project, me and admiral doing all the work. Some pics are owed, no boobs but boat;) Will look through the foam option, don't like much the lining but well see what the admiral says. Boat is sandwich btw
  6. Hello to all, i am going to get the interior of the boat painted (40 feet racer/cruiser) and wondering what to use. Also is there a good painted method to insulate, specially for the front cabin where will sleep with the admiral. I was looking at cork paint, but seems it have to be sprayed. All help is welcomed. based in Mallorca.
  7. Here in Europe you just go to the typical marine or camping store and leve the empty and take a full one, its about 20€. Do not know how these refillable propane tanks go in the US
  8. send som pics please! i have to think of something for my new boat.
  9. It's ECORACER from NLCOMPOSITES italian project using natural fibers and resins. Very interesting
  10. i have a ubi maior jiber and there is another advantage, sailing upwind you get less windage and better performance, and easier sail changes
  11. A full picture of the layout would help. Maybe a tackle can be installed on runners and then forgo the winches so you can use them for the mainsail. Or some kind of cleat/jammer so the secondarys can double as runner and mainsail. Or maybe there is a way of taking the winch you use now and place it somewhere elso to do the job but closer to the helm.
  12. as some of you pointed out a professional survey is needed and appointed, I'll lte you know what they say about the boat
  13. It' is a first look at the project, All should work, but at first glance electric and plumbing seemed not very nice. Maybe things can be salvaged or replaced later or really do not need to be replaced at all as you say. Asking price is 36k€, I have a deal for 30k€ which I intended to lower to 25k€ given the work that needs to be done.
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