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  1. Boat is already built, like 6 units... https://www.mestralmarineworks.com/pf/mmw-33-custom/
  2. I guess i am afraid of cold and condensation and etc... But duly noted
  3. Thanks all, this is a full crazy DYI project, me and admiral doing all the work. Some pics are owed, no boobs but boat;) Will look through the foam option, don't like much the lining but well see what the admiral says. Boat is sandwich btw
  4. Hello to all, i am going to get the interior of the boat painted (40 feet racer/cruiser) and wondering what to use. Also is there a good painted method to insulate, specially for the front cabin where will sleep with the admiral. I was looking at cork paint, but seems it have to be sprayed. All help is welcomed. based in Mallorca.
  5. Here in Europe you just go to the typical marine or camping store and leve the empty and take a full one, its about 20€. Do not know how these refillable propane tanks go in the US
  6. send som pics please! i have to think of something for my new boat.
  7. It's ECORACER from NLCOMPOSITES italian project using natural fibers and resins. Very interesting
  8. i have a ubi maior jiber and there is another advantage, sailing upwind you get less windage and better performance, and easier sail changes
  9. A full picture of the layout would help. Maybe a tackle can be installed on runners and then forgo the winches so you can use them for the mainsail. Or some kind of cleat/jammer so the secondarys can double as runner and mainsail. Or maybe there is a way of taking the winch you use now and place it somewhere elso to do the job but closer to the helm.
  10. as some of you pointed out a professional survey is needed and appointed, I'll lte you know what they say about the boat
  11. It' is a first look at the project, All should work, but at first glance electric and plumbing seemed not very nice. Maybe things can be salvaged or replaced later or really do not need to be replaced at all as you say. Asking price is 36k€, I have a deal for 30k€ which I intended to lower to 25k€ given the work that needs to be done.
  12. estimates are for doing it myself, not living in it while renovating. Bilge is very shallow and there is water coming from the mast when it rains, that is why the floorboards are damaged, and the bilge pump is not automatic. Also boat has been not very well taken by the owner.
  13. Hello fellow anarchists I'm looking at a nice boat to buy for a liveaboard project, mostly in marina but also travel (barcelona-balears in the med) Boat is a 1989 oyster lightwave 395, that needS some renovation. The think is that I don't know what might be the cost of it and it would be helpful to know, specially to negotiate price. Things to be done: - replace wood floor - replace fresh water system, deposits, pumps, tubes, etc - Add a boiler - replace black water system, deposit and tubes, WC is okish - replace all electric system, panel, wiring, lights etc... -
  14. Why is there a hole in your deck? not centered?
  15. For those of us in a different timezone could you please upload the recording of the seminar so we can view it later? THX!
  16. hello to all, all those with 3di, what version of it you have? raw 360 or higher? Is it good enough or do you need to go to 760? Im considering buying a set of sails for my dufour 34 and trying to get arguments in the 3di 360 vs npl sport vs quantum fusion m5. THX!
  17. Still... what boat do you have @Will_Co?? i'm looking for a mainsail also and the north options is around that price but in 760, so interested in your mainsail sizes. THX!
  18. please do share pics of everything!
  19. Please do share your cruising experience and pics in a fig3
  20. Hello! send pics and impressions on your Tour Xi Sails, as I have asked North for it but I would really appreciate an opinion before buying. I was also send 3di options raw and endurance and they sure look nice but the price is quite steep. Another local loft offered other laminates, triradial and "3di" equivalent which are a little bit more at hand on the price. I have a Dufour 34p in Barcelona (med) and do distance racing and club can races.
  21. I can buy it directly to beneteau, but it is quite expensive, what is your review of it?
  22. badia420


    Hello to all! Missus wants a puf/beanbag or something similar for being comfy in the boat. What do you suggest? I've looked at Fatboy but the one for exterior it's quite big, too big... Boat is a Dufour 34P 2006. THANKS!
  23. Yes @carcrash send pics of the sail please!
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