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  1. No one wants to admit to being the one overboard? I'll go. I had a capsize/man overboard about 6months ago in my dinghy. En route from Whiting to Hammond, about 100 yards offshore. Waves 2-3', wind 15 kts, water temp upper 50s, I've been out in worse. Boat is a 8' slat floor w trolling motor. Wave caught me when I wasn't looking. I usually sit to leeward to reduce swamping, I now understand that makes me more vulnerable to capsize. PFD inflated on schedule and I got back to the hull. Was unable to right it, so decided to swim for the beach with the hull instead of using my VHF and
  2. @CutterCaptain Westrec doesn't control the Playpen, but they do control South Monroe. The terms of the special anchorage there delegates control to the Park District, which then delegated to Westrec. That doesn't mean the whole lake is free from city rules.
  3. It's not meaningless, the Diver Down flag is state law in a lot of places.
  4. The cops weren't even responding to medium priority calls like domestic violence during the unrest, it makes sense they would temporarily abandon lakefront patrols.
  5. https://www.sailingworld.com/story/racing/racing-resumed/ The Vanguard 15 fleet went down to Indiana to race.
  6. Just put out by Illinois today. These apply for Phases 3 and 4, so highly likely to be in effect through July. It's my understanding the Mac requires some of the largest boats to have more than 8 crew. https://www2.illinois.gov/dceo/RestoreIL_DOCS/Boating Guidance - updated.pdf
  7. @Keysrock35 There is an existing small beer can scene at Hammond. Think they averaged 3 boats last year. The organizer once tried to recruit me, but unfortunately I have forgotten the contact info. Recruiting crew is basically insurmountable for me. There is a Hammond Marina Facebook group you can join, they would know.
  8. I recently dug that up and put it in the Chicago Boaters Facebook group, so you prob got it indirectly from me. http://chicago-il.elaws.us/code/coor_t10_ch10-40_arti_sec10-40-010 @sidmon If you stay with your boat, you're asked to leave during business hours when the storm breaks. If you leave the boat, you're ticketed and banned from the harbors. Maybe towed.
  9. Before anyone thinks about racing, you have to get the harbors open. Lightfoot is saying the Lakefront won't open when we hit Phase 3, which might happen at the end of the month. If you do somehow get your boat in the water, the CPD Marine Unit said all recreational boating in Chicago is banned. You guys night have to hang out with me in Hammond. My main is 20 years old, but it's in the water. Just heard today that the larger slips are now full.
  10. I can tell you the crane is between 45'-49' above the water because they haul me up in a chair once in a while. The harbormaster once told me they don't like to lift masts more than approximately 50' due to weight, regardless of air draft. He was too busy to handle me last week, will try again starting Wednesday. Due to virus related staffing problems, he only wants to do crane stuff W-F.
  11. Spoke to the office today, they also mentioned the high water affecting the mast crane, though my 34' mast was fine.
  12. @Keysrock35 I'm planning to use the Hammond crane this afternoon. The harbormaster didn't know anything about a closure when I spoke to him yesterday.
  13. Save this pic for the next guy who wants to build a boat:
  14. CFS Klopas


    J/88s will be used for double handed nationals which will be a part of this year's Chi Mac. This is part of the prelude to the offshore Olympic competition. https://www.cycracetomackinac.com/double-handed-mac--mixed-offshore-us-world-team-qualifier/
  15. I noticed this stuff too. I forgave them for the Q flag because customs was waiting on the dock, thus no need to ask for clearance. I did like that the courtesy flags were in an appropriate order: visiting country, skipper, plurality of crew, then other.
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