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  1. If you're not interested in doing boatwork, then I doubt the Moth will interest you either.
  2. Don't forget it comes complete with "mass!"
  3. Do you have the bungee running underneath the halyard? Is the cleat in good condition? I've never had a problem with the halyard getting stuck back in the cleat.
  4. I'd be very interested if anyone knows any North American distributors, or any distributors that will ship stateside for cheap.
  5. Anyone have any experience or data surrounding this? Obviously graphite reduces friction in numerous applications, but after looking online, I've mainly found refences to graphite added to bottoms of work skiffs to reduce damage when landing on rocks and sandy beaches. Could an epoxy bottom with graphite added (and faired) carry a noticeable difference through water versus the same bottom without graphite added? What would be the influence of adding graphite to an awlgrip or durapox type of coating?
  6. Okay: 1. What does what they posted have to do with what YOU are posting? Why does the fact that they posted on something earlier justify you continuing it? 2. My worldview has nothing to with it. I just wanted to talk about the topic, women, or people that identify as women, at the top of our sport, but that seems to disagree with YOUR worldview. 3. If anyone is trying to "impose" speech upon you, they are trying to censor you. And in regards to @NeedAClew. By the way, they made this nice place for you to you discuss the benefits and faults of socialism,
  7. You've drifted this topic into equality of outcome vs equality of opportunity and the socio-economic outcomes of socialism... and what does the actions of anyone else have to do with how you are acting right now? No one is censoring you, so what are you talking about? And how is it self righteous to question what religion @NeedAClewsubscribes to has to do with anything? You say something, people respond. If you don't want people to question your ideologies the way you question theirs, don't vocalize your opinion...
  8. What would even have anything to do with the subject matter? This entire thread basically started as trying to get a list of top level female sailors compiled. Instead of contributing to that, you've turned the entire conversation into an argument about anything BUT top women in our sport... Would have loved to see a simple conversation about the merits of Sarah Ayton vs Sarah Webb or maybe Lutz vs Bekkering on an America's Cup program.
  9. I don't think anyone is arguing that training and skill are required. But I have seen 100T licensed captains still bang a whaler on a dock and just being well trained does not completely eliminate operator error. As I mentioned in my first post, a propeller guard is not recommended for ALL situations and specifically called it as a recommendation for smaller programs. The RYA is hardly a small program and has full time coaching staff year round. I would say that maybe 10% of YCs in the US have more than 4 full time coaching staff year round, and almost all coaches are summer workers. Pro
  10. The only benefit of a jet drive, and the only benefit of a propguard, considered in this situation is that it reduces the likelihood of a junior being seriously injured or killed in the event an operator slips up. Even the greatest motorboat operator in the world will make a mistake, and a propguard makes the chance that mistake hurting a kid smaller. This is probably not an issue for many individual boat owners, but for institutional work, it is an entirely appropriate and justified response to a serious issue. IIRC the Navy and Coast Guard both use propeller cages on boats operating in
  11. When I was a program director for a YC junior program, I pushed pretty hard for propguards to be applied to any motorboat working around the Juniors. Honestly jetdrives would've been a better solution but to completely refit an organization's boats with new systems would be a disaster. I was surprised by the amount of resistance I received when pushing for for the propguards, with the most common criticisms being performance and entrapment issues. On the performance issue, it never was really an issue, our coaches spend at least 90% of their time on the water going sub 10 knots, so the reducti
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