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  1. Yeh but.. Most good designer polars go down to 30 degrees TWA upwind and 180 downwind But note that 'some values are outside best performance envelope'
  2. Dat 4% idea cannot operate, as it is in effect confiscatory. Average annual running yields on real estate globally are in the range 3 - 6%. The proposal would eliminate yield for a significant proportion of the affected estate and smash the capital values commensurately. It might be viable at around 1% per annum on improved value?
  3. But large, in terms of responsibility!
  4. Hmmm, Australia does not quite fit in the small country club, with: a) the 7th largest land area b) a very long coastline, so the oceanic economic zone alone is larger than many European nations c) responsibility for SAR over an area much greater than our land area d) some occasionally cantankerous, populous neighbours to the north e) small nation states in the S Pacific that are at least somewhat dependent Etc.... And it is an island (who noticed ?) so item one is a half decent naval capability, is it not?
  5. All the above. Simplisticly, do not use until apparent wind is > 8 knots
  6. Irrational, Good eyes you have! The CRO 739 problem is likely to be some shrinkage and some diagonal tune NQR. The shrinkage requires departure from the guide!
  7. Weird as it may seem, the in build loft measurement (usually done before the luff pocket is applied) will always measure more than the process after some use and normal regatta measuring. Let's say the sail has had 4 weeks of use and is 8 weeks ex factory. Sources of apparent shrinkage include: 1. Fabric crimp from flutter, folding, rolling 2. Outright shrinkage from uv exposure and continuing cure, even if only solvent reduction 3. Residual tension in leech line and luff pocket Etc. In larger sails (e.g. IRC keelboat jibs) not uncommon for the differential to be
  8. Gabo and back keeps it within NSW, but it looks probable that Victoria and NSW covid regulations will be aligned by Xmas. Then it may be possible to use a rounding mark in Victorian waters. Oil rigs anyone?
  9. Copy.. I guess "stealth" and "350 MW deployed" do not fit in the same sentence!
  10. Olaf, Back to submarines... though your Harken namesake did tell some amusing stories from their experiences upon acquiring and attempting to develop the (Italian) Barbarossa winch company. And... some French engineer mates that live in OZ who say "do not work with Italians or French. If in Europe, only Germans or Swiss". Thread drift... submarines how fast? Thanks Zonk. The micro data cited came from an NA who was involved in the Collins project. But if the Russians needed 350 MW to do 40 ... that is a shit tonne of grunt. I guess that speed might be useful somet
  11. I think you will find the Chinese lease is only a part. Plenty of room, but the local water depths are evidently not ideal.
  12. Zonk, I have been led to believe that the more recent US nuclear versions are good for 50 knots underwater?
  13. Zonk, The Canadian and Australian Defence Departments must use the same manual. Hard to make this shit up... But here is a Aussie special clusterfuck, from late 1980s. Nice composite mine hunter design, Kevlar and pvc foam catamaran. DD called for Lloyds compliance. Lloyds spec called for a layer of chopped strand between each layer of Kev. Nobody budged, build IAW Lloyds. Only 20% overweight. Could not operate above (iirc) 1m sea state. YCMTSU
  14. Ncik, That is some conflation, right there. China has antagonised every neighbour around the South China Sea
  15. Zonk, Amazing init! IIRC, in WWII, Germans deveoped and commenced building a new, larger diesel sub, from start to delivered units, in about 18 months. No cad/cam etc, just templates and built in sections. And now we are talking about 18 YEARS?
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