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  1. Maybe that British show LP was on recently will be showing up at TLC HQ soon looking for some dough.
  2. I don’t see how decks delaminate given that they are not laminated. I have talked to several racers since the event and there was no talk of that. I’m with Wavedancer II. Proof pls.
  3. Their annual meeting was held via Zoom on October 30. Per this Microsoft Word - TLC AGM Invitation & Chairmans message 2021.docx (thelaserclass.com) they need a new Chairman and Exec Secretary as the incumbents both stepped down. Among the reasons given is the "challenging relationship with our boat builder." (!!!) If LP cannot get along with the people trying to salvage their brand/boat/class, they apparently cannot get along with anybody at all. Wonder what happened at the meeting?
  4. The word from Sarasota is that 60 of the boats were sold and picked up on site, and the remaining 40 are being shipped to their new owners. Even after the carnage, there was a wait list to buy one of them in case there were cancellations.
  5. Don’t count on them finding someone to become a Laser dealer. As is documented elsewhere on this forum, Lasers are no longer class legal to race! ILCAs replaced the Laser. Laser Performance is trying to establish an “outlaw” class association for Lasers, but it’s not gaining traction. I doubt anyone in Australia will be interested in selling Lasers, esp since an established ILCA manufacturer is located in Australia.
  6. Getting the Sunfish is a good idea as long as the large parts - the spars and daggerboard - are in good shape. Replacement parts would be financially infeasible to get to Australia. Rudder parts or a sail would be doable without breaking the bank. Also weigh it to be sure it is 135 or so lbs or less. If it is a lot more than that, you will have a drying-out project ahead of you. That may be fine with you, but be aware of it before you buy.
  7. The Class Assoc wishes it were that easy. Unlike the ILCA, the ISCA does not own the rights to the Sunfish - their "friends" at Laser Performance do. So they just cannot find another builder, which is obviously a big and unfortunate problem. LP made good boats in the US for a couple years after they bought Vanguard. I know that 2014 boats were US-produced, and maybe 2015 also. They then decided they could reduce costs and start making the boats in China. There was at least a year when they didn't make any Sunfish as they could not get things started up in China. I think that was 201
  8. The Rocket appears to be very versatile!! Nautic on Instagram: “#barcos #nautica #veleros #lanchas #cruceros #navegar #sailing #boats ventadebarcos #nautic #sailingmylove #sailingvessel #lovetosail…”
  9. Based on 10+ years of LP’s public shenanigans, it seems very likely this is very accurate.
  10. I see Aerosouth has launched a replacement rudder blade for the Rocket! First, I’d trust the Clarks far more than the Aerosouth guy to come up with an optimally shaped rudder. Second, given there are probably only 50 or 60 Rockets out there so far, I hope he doesn’t have high sales goals! Scroll down at this link for his Rocket rudder blade. https://aerosouth.net
  11. Re: the British show - just when you thought you’d seen it all, LP make sure there is more!
  12. AMFlite. A cost-reduced Sunfish sold, I think, thru non-traditional stores, such as Sears.
  13. All the rudders are flat sided, so no differences between them. The old flat-sided daggerboards cannot keep up with the foil-shaped boards. You cannot be competitive with one.
  14. Here is a good rigging guide to get you started. https://www.starboardpassage.com/sunfish/ For a boat, avoid 2020 LP Sunfish due to reported issues with decks cracking. Avoid all Chinese made LP Sunfish. LP boats up to 2015 seem good, as do Vanguard and Sunfish-Laser boats. Get a new racing sail, and any of the class legal composite boards are fine. Wood and composite rudders are equal in performance. Get a long hiking stick and a good line package and you are ready to go.
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