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  1. I'd like to replace my dynema shrouders but I don't know the useful lenght... Does anybody knows it ?
  2. Using a NOVASAIL NS 100 since several years, I can say it's a good product which provide essential information while sailing You can make yourself a good idea with the operating manual NS100 Operating Manual English.pdf
  3. I thought that ventilating the main foil was due to low water temp ?
  4. P Flados, I applied your technic yesterday and it was an actual success ! all my tackings passed in light wind (boat speed 3-4 knts )
  5. My first swim was similar; my UFO started to capsize and I was thrown outboard, but the boat had automatically righting, and continued to sail on 150 yards before capsizing and turtle, so I had to swim a long distance before catching it! Since I always try to keep firmly my mainsheet in my hand, while capsizing !
  6. Hi all Does somebody knows where I can find a mainfoil's pin ; I lost mine during my last sailing...
  7. Martin That's look great! Are the 2 cleats only glued on UFO's deck?
  8. Your control line while sailing is it only on port , or also starboard?
  9. Hi all Here are some videos showing details of my wand system control which works well when sailing . I'll try to make and send some drawings next days https://youtu.be/4CmzZl7U7Vw https://youtu.be/Ecb_SrY4o6g
  10. Yes Martin I have been playing with height adjustment from the UFO's deck, and my system works well, but I need to often lubricate it before sailing . I can adjust it from my position, my feet in the straps, and it's great ! But when lifting the daggerboard, I must not forget to disconnect control ropes !
  11. Is there something I didn't understand ? With cunningham under tension and cunningham's rope stopped with a knot, I thought it was not possible to have the mast come out of the boat. after pulling the cunningham I always secure the rope with a knot ( port cleat) ; starboard rope is only used to adjust tension
  12. I think it's a good and interesting alternative to complete the other camera set up. In fact the 2 options could complement each other in a video , and having the 2 viewing angles seems instructive (especially to show some details when tacking or jibing)
  13. 49er is around 68, and I suppose Wazsp could be around 58 (according to europeans handicaps)
  14. My main sail is damaged near the bottom batten; how can I repair that, any ideas?
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