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  1. What is the best way to dismount the 2 parts of a mast blocked by salt ? Several months ago, I saw a solution, but I can't find it again in the forum...
  2. Is it possible to sail without the thin plastic ring at the bottom of the mast?I'have lost mine... does someone knows where I can find something similar to this part?
  3. Hi guys Does someone has ever had the same problem as me on the bolt rope near the last low batten ? I'hve already repaired 4 or 5 times (with heavy duty sail repair tape) but I have to repair again after 2 or 3 sailing ... When my sail is raised, the last low batten seems to apply a very big pressure on the low mast section sail track ... how to avoid that ? and how to repair for a long time? some advices?
  4. Thanks Martin, I thought it was necessary to have STS Robline rope, but it's very expensive in comparison with Marlow D12 max 78. I measured mines and I need 8,5 /9 meters
  5. What kind of rope is recommended for replacing dyneema shrouds ?
  6. I'd like to replace my dynema shrouders but I don't know the useful lenght... Does anybody knows it ?
  7. Using a NOVASAIL NS 100 since several years, I can say it's a good product which provide essential information while sailing You can make yourself a good idea with the operating manual NS100 Operating Manual English.pdf
  8. I thought that ventilating the main foil was due to low water temp ?
  9. P Flados, I applied your technic yesterday and it was an actual success ! all my tackings passed in light wind (boat speed 3-4 knts )
  10. My first swim was similar; my UFO started to capsize and I was thrown outboard, but the boat had automatically righting, and continued to sail on 150 yards before capsizing and turtle, so I had to swim a long distance before catching it! Since I always try to keep firmly my mainsheet in my hand, while capsizing !
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